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Bug Fixes
November 30, 2021

Developer Changelog

Keep up with recent bug fixes in this developer changelog, updated monthly alongside our product roundup.

🗓 11th January 2022

Fixed a bug where:

  • An application error interrupted Maze when a test was reloaded in the same browser session after answering a block with a Condition
  • The "Skip" button was used instead of "Give up" on Mission Blocks
  • Collaborators were unable to access projects shared with them
  • Correcting translation for Latvian and Lithuanian languages
  • Text on the password protection screen is against the left side edge of the screen on mobile

🗓 30th November 2021

Fixed a bug where:

  • 'Get started' button appeared below the fold for some mobile users
  • 'Get started' did not load for some iOS browser users in the preview link
  • Mission paths could be created where the start screen and end path could match
  • Importing Figma prototypes with & symbol in the file name caused Figma UI to display in Maze
  • Correcting Russian translation for 'Other' selection type in multiple-choice questions
  • Optimized Mission and Report experience
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