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Get regular satisfaction insights

Repeat this customer satisfaction survey at regular intervals to see how customers are responding to changes in your product, like new features or UX changes.

Template by

Mithilia Fox, UX Research Lead @ Stack Overflow

What you'll learn

How to adopt user surveys that collect insights on customer satisfaction and create a great checkpoint with users.

Through a mix of open and closed questions, you’ll add context to usage data, from what users like to their frustrations.

Identify user trends over time through periodically repeating this survey, we recommend quarterly!

Introduce a scalable template that can deliver actionable insights as regularly as you require, with just a few clicks.

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Welcome screen

How often do you use [Product]?

Multiple Choice

Overall, how satisfied are you with [Product]?

Opinion Scale

Do you find [Product] useful?


What is your favourite thing about [Product]?

Open Question

What do you think needs the most improvement?

Open Question

Thank you screen