Aug 20, 2019 • 6 minutes read

Introducing Rich Testing with Maze

A brand new feature to enrich your maze tests with questions. Discover what's included.

A brand new feature to enrich your maze tests with questions

Rich testing is our solution for all-in-one UX testing to measure attitudes, collect feedback, and quantify the user experience at the design stage.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that you can now add questions to your maze tests, complementing your results with extra insights from users. With this update, you can conduct all-in-one UX testing at the design phase with Maze.

Rich testing, extra insights

Modern design teams need user testing tools that are simple to use, scale quickly, and give actionable results. As the design world matures towards the understanding that design solutions should address real user needs, and continues to adopt an evidence-driven design approach to building products, there is a need for tools that align with this shift.

With Maze, testing takes place in the browser. You don’t need to install any third party apps or setups. Users complete a series of tasks similar to the ones they do in a live product.

Once testing is done, Maze aggregates the quantitative data from your sessions to help you identify and solve problems before you spend time and money coding them. You can iterate on design, validate concepts, and pitch executives with your instant maze report.

Most importantly, you can review usability and design indicators to learn how your product performs with real users at the design stage.

But sometimes you need to go further.

Your research power relies on your ability to moderate users’ actions and ask the right questions at the right time. To get to the heart of the issues your users are experiencing, you need to go beyond raw data about what users do, and find out opinions, attitudes, and feedback.

That’s why, today, we’re happy to say that our brand new feature will help you get even more insights from your maze tests, enriching the data you can collect with your prototypes.

What’s included

Rich testing enables you to evaluate designs before handoff by combining behavioral data with attitudinal insights into users' opinions, preferences, and more. You can now get all-in-one prototype testing data to make design choices confidently and know solutions work without awaiting the live product.

Ask away with survey questions

We’re immensely excited about this feature and the possibilities it brings to user testing with Maze. You can now ask usability testing questions, ratings, and collect open-ended feedback about your designs during sessions—no more back and forth with follow up surveys and forms.

Here are the types of questions you can use in your test:

  • Multiple Choice: ask participants to select one answer from a list of choices to collect quantitative data about preferences, create customized Lickert scales, and more.
  • Opinion Scale: create a rating that lets participants express their preference on a customized scale from 0 to 10.
  • Yes/No: ask a question with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer and collect closed-ended user feedback. You can use this type of question to measure the preference between two choices.
  • Open Question: collect long-form text feedback or comments from your participants.

Read and share responses with your report

When you finish testing, you can view and read all responses from users alongside your maze results. Now you can correlate what users do in your prototype with what they say about your product to discover significant improvement areas in your designs.

And if you read a comment you want to share with colleagues, you can easily star and add a quote to your maze report, and highlight the feedback to all your stakeholders.

Context is key

One of the disadvantages of unmoderated testing is the inability to give context to users and guide them during the testing session.

To help you do so, we've added the option to add a simple Context Screen to your test when you need to communicate something to your users.

Use it to introduce yourself or a part of your maze, avoid confusion, and keep users engaged during their sessions.

Welcome & Thank You Screens

Your maze tests are built to be taken by users in their time on their device just by sharing a link.

That’s why each maze now includes Welcome and Thank You Screens to give you the opportunity to introduce your participants to the session and express your gratitude, respectively.

You can also customize these screens with your own title, message, and image.

More to come

We hope these new testing solutions help you to get the information you need at each step of the testing process. We’ll be introducing more questions and test types in the future, as well as additional functionality that addresses all your user testing needs.

You can join the conversation on Twitter to stay up to date with upcoming news. We're immensely grateful for your continuous support and feedback. Thank you for being part of this and helping us build the future of user research solutions!

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