A journey into discovery, design, and research by Maze

Discovery is a mindset. It transforms questions into decisions, data into stories, and insights into direction. Join us at Disco Conf to embrace the power in curiosity, collaboration, and continuous learning.


Uniting minds across the globe, Disco Conf sparks thinking between design, product, and research to ignite the next generation of insights-driven teams.


An online conference by design—Disco Conf takes place remotely and welcomes all travelers across the information superhighway.


Born of the explorer’s spirit and drive to learn, Disco Conf inspires the pursuit of questions and building from insight.


Dan Brown

Information Architect | EightShapes

The Art and Science of Asking Questions

Sara Sodine Parr

Research Lead | Airbnb

How to Spot Opportunities for High Impact Research

Wendy Johansson

Co-founder & Chief Product Experience Officer
 | MiSalud.ai

Inclusive by Design: creating equitable futures in design

Behzod Sirjani

Founder | Yet Another Studio

Building Organizations that Learn: what creating Maze has unveiled about the future

Rüya Ince

UX Researcher | Adidas, Huxley

Research for World Wide Products

Tiziana Alocci

Information Designer & Data Artist | Independent

Necessity, a Legacy of Self-Exploratory Work

Srishti Mehrotra

Lead UX Researcher | Airtel

Measuring Research Impact: beyond hard metrics

Dan Singer

Research Lead | Stack Overflow

Strategic Narratives for Creative Discovery

Adilice Sanches

Senior Product Researcher | Pleo

Product Research, From Insights to Code

David Hoang

Director of Product Design | Webflow

Prototyping Towards Outcomes: an expedition in learning

Uday Gajendar

Design Manager | Aurora Solar

Sensemaking the Enterprise

Victoria Cao

Product Research Manager | Credit Karma

Cultivating Ambivalence as a Strategic Advantage

Dr. Megan Pirrung

Lead Product Designer | Hyperscience

Act Like a Scientist: an introduction to Design Science

Chloe MacKie

VP Product | Exploration X

Moonshot Explorations: concept testing for breakthrough products

Jonathan Widawski

CEO & Co-Founder | Maze

Maze Opening Keynote

Community Contributors

Ash Oliver

Brand Experience Lead | Maze

DJ Prudence

DJ | Club ChUrch

Mark Fishman

User Researcher | Whisk

Jelayna Da Silva

Yoga Teacher | Coudstudios

Hilary Mezzi

Team Lead, Customer Education | Maze

Nicole Wilcox

Interaction Designer | Coolblue


When is Disco Conf?

Disco Conf will take place over two days from October 25-26, live streaming from 10am - 4pm daily (🇺🇸ET) / 5pm - 11pm (🇪🇺CET).

Where is it?

Just as Maze is globally distributed, Disco Conf is an entirely remote and virtual conference. Join in from anywhere and represent your place among a global audience.

Where can I find the full agenda?

As we announce speakers, the agenda will be updated and published here.

Will the conference be recorded?

To keep the good times rolling after Disco Conf ends, we’ll be sharing recordings of our speaker presentations so you can catch up on what you missed—or play back your favorite highlights.

Is Disco Conf really free?

Yes, you heard right! There’s no ticket cost to tune in to Disco Conf. All you have to do is register to attend.

I can’t wait til October. Is there a place to stay up to date before the conference?

Once registered you’ll be kept in the loop on all details directly through email. However, The Maze Community will also be unveiling a space to connect and socialize on all things Disco Conf. If you haven’t already joined the Maze Community, you can join the directory here.

See you at Disco Conf

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