Live Website Testing

Run usability tasks on live sites

Give your whole team the tools to run research on live flows, features, and experiences. Connect your website to Maze and let customer voice fuel your product decisions.

The only research tool that measures user deviations from defined successful paths on live websites

Understand the why behind user behavior

Noticed changes in conversion, activation or adoption in your product analytics tool? Validate funnels, onboarding journeys, feature discoverability and more in Maze.

Measure usability of live flows and features

Create Missions for your connected websites in Maze, define successful paths, and share them as unmoderated tasks with your users and see their interactions translate to design metrics.

Get visual, context rich reporting

Set the record straight on expected behavior vs. reality with detailed path analysis, visual heatmaps, and rewatch video and screen recordings of user sessions for added context.

Short on participants?

Embed feedback or screener surveys as popovers on specific pages with In-Product Prompts and keep recruitment rolling for new participants.

Capture insights from real environments

Remove the limitations of prototype testing to see how users really find their way in the live environment where all possibilities and personalizations exist, from account settings to user information.

Real insights come from real environments