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November 30, 2021

November Product Roundup

📌 New collaborative features and enhanced visibility for teams

Welcome to our inaugural Product Roundup! Each month, we'll bring you up to speed with what's changing in Maze, from new features, improvements, and bug fixes to betas. Whenever a new roundup is ready for you, you'll see a notification in-app or find a note in your inbox if you're subscribed to product updates.

The team has been working to improve how you collaborate with your team and stakeholders within the platform. With these new additions and tweaks, we think you'll find new space has been carved for accountability, visibility, and feedback.

💬 Tag your teammates with @ mentions

Direct questions, suggestions, or feedback to a specific person (or people) with new @ mentions in Comments.

  • To tag a teammate or collaborator in your Comment, type the '@' symbol and begin typing their name.
  • Select their name from the list that appears to confirm and enter.
  • Once you send, the person you mention will receive an email notifying them of your comment.

Start threads across the platform to collaborate on mazes, suggest changes to blocks, or highlight data in your Report.

Use mentions to create accountability and centralize communication around tests your building or insights you've gathered to the people you're working with.

✍️ Annotate maze blocks with feedback

We know that most collaboration on mazes happens before you go live. Whether that's getting feedback on question copy, order, formatting, and beyond.

Now, you can create feedback threads on specific maze blocks with Comments now available in the maze builder and in preview mode; so you can centralize all your feedback on maze drafts in the platform.

  • Create a maze and add some blocks, then bring your team to review by inviting collaborators or sharing the preview link with existing team members
  • In preview mode, your collaborators can click through to each block, click the Comment icon and leave a comment
  • Top tip: @ mention a team member to send them a direct notification about your Comment
  • When you return to the maze Builder, all Comments left in preview mode by any and all stakeholders will be mirrored alongside each block. So you can action all feedback in the relevant place.

Now you can keep feedback in Maze! Centralized collaboration, we salute you.

📸 Say 'cheese'! Profile pictures are here 

To increase visibility over project ownership, comments and to make Maze feel a little more yours - we've introduced profile pictures.

You'll see your team's faces pop up next to Comments they leave and to the top right of your Projects.

Update your picture as and when you please in your settings. If you signed up with Google, your picture will be pulled from your Google account.

🕹 Jump between maze blocks in Preview

Preview mode was made for you to test mazes before they go live to users. A few weeks ago, previewing mazes with alternative logic flows made with Conditions was a little more difficult to test. It meant refreshing mazes just to start fresh and view different paths.

To save you time, we've introduced a new navigation panel on the left. So now you can go back to a previous block, or five, to test different flows or simply double-check copy.

Now you can click between blocks using our new navigation panel on the left. Test every path again and again, with no refreshing.

That's it for our first product roundup, check back in next month for more updates from the team! 👋

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