Send targeted product research campaigns, faster

Reach empowers you to curate your very own database of research participants and capture audience insights as you send campaigns. Think CRM - just for product research.

Better product insights are within Reach with Maze’s new participant management solution

Build a database of engaged participants

Pull in people from your own product toolstack. From CRMs to product analytics tools, simply upload a .csv with an email property to start building your Reach database.

Need segments? No problem.

Filter your database by properties or Reach data unique to your needs and save them as segments to send mazes to. Segments are dynamic too, pulling in any participants who match your criteria automatically.

Make over your research workflow

Consolidating tools just got simpler. Send mazes as targeted email campaigns to your Reach segments, personalized with your own tone of voice, email domain, and signature. All measured and packaged nicely to track engagement, of course.

Work with participants that feel like partners

Reach enriches each participant’s profile with insights that help you discover your most engaged people. With metrics like, response rate and time taken to respond, you can build responsive Segments that collect more valuable insights.

Discover metrics that help you build better relationships, not break them down

Campaigns sent

Campaigns sent

Make over-communicating to the same participants a thing of the past and track the number of campaigns they’ve received.

Response rate

Response rate

Reach calculates how many research campaigns a participant engages in so you can better filter your database for responsive participants.

Mazes completed

Mazes completed

Get the whole picture and discover which research your individual participants take part in, with recent maze activity and total completed.

Last contacted

Last contacted

Manage participant email preferences for more focused research. See subscribes and unsubscribes, along with last contacted dates.

Get the whole story

Learn more about your participants and build context as Reach populates their profile with recent activity. See mazes they’ve taken part in, Segments they belong to, and more from their time in Reach.

Better product insights are within Reach