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August 31, 2023

Introducing AI-powered continuous product discovery 🎊

Harness the voice of the user at scale with AI-powered product discovery.

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What matters most is a company’s ability to build the right product faster than its competitors. At Maze, we call this ‘time-to-right’.

In a world where building products can be automated, product development quickly becomes a level playing field. Time-to-market is no longer a differentiating factor. Instead, research is the competitive advantage—and AI is poised to shift how fast and how often we get access to user insights.

We’ve been busy building the first AI-powered continuous product discovery platform: a platform to serve the organizations embracing the shifting landscape, and still putting research at the heart of their product development.

Here's what's new:

✨ The Perfect Question

This new AI enhancement identifies and resolves bias, illegibility, and grammatical errors in your questions through new rephrased suggestions. Find out more here.

✨ Dynamic follow-up

Let AI ask personalised questions based on your participant's answers - helping you get more depth and detail from unmoderated surveys. Learn more

✨ Smart renaming of mazes

Automate survey naming process with contextual suggestions powered by AI to let everyone know what the study is about. Learn more

✨ Sentiment analysis

Let AI analyse the sentiment of responses, assigning each one with Positive, Neutral, and Negative tags. Then have sentiment tags aggregated into a dynamic chart that clearly shows the overarching result. Learn more

✨ Simulate answers

Preview how an AI-powered block in Maze will work so you can quickly launch it and start collecting user insights. Learn more

✨ Conversation summaries

Extract the key messages from the AI’s questions and participants’ answers. Learn more

👉 Discover AI-powered continuous discovery platform 👈

🪩 Join us at Disco Conf, where our Chief Product Officer will be unveiling Maze AI features in action and showcasing the possibilities they bring to your Product team.

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