AI-powered product discovery

Elevate your company's product research with innovative, AI-powered capabilities that enable you to collect more insights, faster, and with more precision than ever before.

Embracing the shift: the future of user research

Time-to-right has always been what mattered. The way to do that used to be through iterative development from an MVP. Then it was design thinking.

Now it's AI-assisted research.

Jonathan Widawski | Co-Founder and CEO | Maze

Harness the voice of the user at scale with AI-powered product discovery

Perfect Question

Ask the Perfect Question

Let AI identify bias, illegibility, or grammatical errors in open and closed questions, and provide newly-phrased questions as suggestions. Just like that.

AI Follow-UP

Dynamic follow-up that digs for more insights

Go beyond surface-level insights. Trigger contextual, follow-up questions that delve deeper into each participant’s unique responses, so you don’t just identify what’s wrong—but why.

Maze renaming

Intelligent renaming of mazes

Automate naming of mazes with contextual suggestions powered by AI, and let everyone know what the study is about.

And even more capabilities to transform your research

Simulate answers

Simulate answers

Preview how an AI-powered block in Maze will work so you can quickly launch it and start collecting insights.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis

Let AI take care of sentiment analysis of participant responses, assigning positive, neutral, negative tags.

Conversation summaries

Conversation summaries

Extract the key messages from the AI’s questions and participants’ answers.

Elevate your company's product research with AI

Unlock the full potential of AI-powered product discovery