We analyze, so you can iterate

Maze reduces hours of analysis by presenting test results in the metrics that matter, so findings are easy to come by and even easier to share.

Automated metrics that fuel discovery

Maze transforms responses into real insights, from bounce rates and misclicks to heatmaps, giving your team visual-rich data you can action within hours.

Filter the best view of your research results

Your data, your way. Customize your view of insights with rich filters designed to discover insights, and hone in on your most valuable information.

Research autonomously. Learn together with Maze Reports

Communicate key insights in no time with unique, automated reports for every piece of research you run. Customize, comment, and share with stakeholders in your favorite tools.

Make data a team sport

Invite internal and external stakeholders to Maze Reports to communicate insights and collaborate in comments so you can get buy-in on the next steps easily.


"Maze is a powerful and simple to use tool. We use it to validate and usability test, and have increased testing overall."

Diana Argueta, UX/UI Designer, Stori Card

Reduce time spent analyzing user data, Maze does it for you



Learn more about expected (and unexpected) user behavior from heatmaps and discover how users navigate your prototypes.

Usability Score

Usability Score

Capture your product’s usability with a unique score to help guide your future improvements.

Design Metrics

Design Metrics

Make core improvements to your design with metrics like misclicks and time-on-screen guiding you towards success.

CSV Reports

CSV Reports

Download CSV files with the new data from your testing sessions and save them to your organization’s database.

Build the habit of continuous product discovery with Maze