We analyze, so you can iterate

Maze reduces hours of analysis by presenting test results in the metrics that matter, so findings are easy to come by and even easier to share.

Get actionable insights in hours, not days

Maze instantly turns your test results into quantitative data, from bounce rates and misclicks to heatmaps; eliminating hours spent watching recorded, moderated sessions.

Filter results for faster time to value

Quickly customize the way you see your data with our rich filters that help you discover valuable insights, faster.

Meaningful metrics, beautifully presented with Maze Reports

Results automatically generate a visually dynamic report that communicates key insights in no time with a unique usability score and customizable components.

Make data a team sport

Invite internal and external stakeholders to Maze Reports to communicate insights and collaborate in comments so you can get buy-in on the next steps easily.


"Maze is a powerful and simple to use tool. We use it to validate and usability test, and have increased testing overall."

Diana Argueta, UX/UI Designer, Stori Card

Reduce time spent analyzing user data, Maze does it for you



View user behavior as visual heatmaps and understand how users are navigating your prototypes.

Usability Score

Usability Score

Extract value from results at a glance with a unique, summarized usability score.

Design Metrics

Design Metrics

Improve your design with data for success rates, time on screen, misclicks, and more.

CSV Reports

CSV Reports

Download CSV files with the raw data from your testing sessions and save them to your organization’s database.

Everyone can test, learn, and act rapidly with Maze