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Don't second guess your user testing insights. Rapidly generate results from your tests.

Get actionable user insights you can act on instantly and bring the user’s voice to product and design decisions.

Build user tests as simple or dynamic as you like

Easily create custom tests with Maze’s versatile features, including Missions, Conditions, Open Questions, Card Sorting, 5-Second Tests, and more.

Test every step of the way

Create user tests built on prototypes and surveys designed with better feedback in mind. Our user testing software and seamless integrations make it easy to collect feedback—no matter what stage you’re at in the process.

User testing on your audience’s terms

Share tests or surveys with users in seconds via a simple URL. Maze is browser-based and device agnostic, so users can test when and how it suits them.

Maze supports you from discovery to release

Concept Testing

Concept Testing

Get feedback on ideas and concepts by asking real users before you start designing.

Prototype Testing

Prototype Testing

Validate your prototypes with real users and launch with confidence.

Content Testing

Content Testing

Validate messaging and copy ideas with your target audience before you launch.

User Surveys

User Surveys

Deepen your understanding of users and their needs, and collect feedback frequently.


"Using Maze has supercharged our product design process and made it possible to drive faster turnaround times, speeding up product iteration and making for a better, faster user experience."

Yuna Akazawa, Product Designer at Braze

Everyone can test, learn, and act rapidly with Maze