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TrymyUI vs UserTesting

See how TrymyUI, now Trymata, and UserTesting compare to each other (and to Maze) to help you decide which is the better fit for research with your users.

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When it comes to research with your users, choosing the right platform can make all the difference to your team. Trymata, formerly TrymyUI, and UserTesting are two popular platform choices for user research, but which is the better choice for *your* organization?

In this side-by-side comparison that includes pricing, features, and customer reviews, we’re also going to cover Maze, so you can clearly see how TrymyUI and UserTesting not only compare to each other, but also to a leading platform in the market.

TrymyUI and UserTesting vs Maze: Key insights

TrymyUI does not offer moderated testing, while UserTesting has been focused on getting insights for video interviews (more time-consuming to digest and review).
TrymyUI does not offer card sorting or tree testing either, while UserTesting and Maze offer them on paid plans.
Maze has a more complete set of quantitative and qualitative research methods.
Maze offers the most robust set of reporting features, with options to filter and customize its automated, visual-rich reports.

Neither TrymyUI or UserTesting have direct integrations with major design tools to seamless test prototypes; Maze does.
While UserTesting offers a more disjointed experience of several tools that can cause customer upset (they acquired UserZoom recently), Maze boasts a complete mix of native quantitative and AI-powered quantitative research methods in a single, native platform.

Picking an easy-to-use platform is essential to provide a good experience for both your team and your test participants. Maze is known as a very intuitive platform and has superior scores on G2's Ease of Setup (9.6) and Ease of Use (9.0) parameters.

Maze: An alternative to TrymyUI and UserTesting

Maze is an end-to-end research platform that supports both moderated and unmoderated testing, and allows companies to incorporate user feedback into all stages of product development.

All-in-one holistic platform

All-in-one holistic platform

Maze boasts a breadth of research methods like card sorting, tree testing, or prototype testing, as well as AI-powered qualitative methods to distill moderated user interviews. Contrarily to TrymyUI and UserTesting, this all achieved in a single, native platform.

Intuitive & user-friendly

Intuitive & user-friendly

Say goodbye to clunky platforms and steep learning curves. Maze is an easy-to-use platform with native functionalities whose tests can be carried out on any device, enabling quicker testing and easier adoption by your team.

Robust, customizable reporting

Robust, customizable reporting

Both TrymyUI and UserTesting's reporting/analytics are perceived as lacking. Maze helps your team uncover patterns and arrive at precise, granular user metrics faster before sharing valuable insights with stakeholders.

Platform comparison




Overall rating (G2)

4.5/5 out of 11 reviews

4.5/5 out of 600+ reviews

4.5/5 out of 90+ reviews

Ease of use

7.7 / 10

8.5 / 10

9.0 / 10

Ease of setup


8.6 / 10

9.6 / 10

Product direction

7.7 / 10

8.1 / 10

9.4 / 10


  • Usability Testing Plans from $399/month
  • Custom Enterprise plans available from $1,667/month
  • Custom Enterprise plans

The ratings above are from the popular review platform G2, where independent users provide their honest feedback about software. It's clear that Maze has the edge over UserTesting and particularly over TrymyUI when it comes to providing a seamless onboarding and user experience, as well as overall vision to where the product is going.

When it comes to pricing, Maze is the only platform with a Free plan. The actual investment on a paid plan required will vary depending on the size of your organization and functionalities you want to see in each platform.

TrymyUI vs UserTesting: Features comparison


TrymyUI (now Trymata)



TrymyUI (now Trymata)



In-product surveys

5-Second testing

Prototype testing

Integrations with design tools

Adobe XD

Adobe XD, Axure, Figma, Sketch

Tree testing

Video / screen session recording

Automated interview analysis

Custom screener questions

User interviews

Integration with video conferencing apps

Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom

Interview scheduling

Live website testing

Automated reports

Granular reporting

Variant comparison

2 variants

Up to 5 variants

Main takeaways from the above detailed feature comparison between TrymyUI, UserTesting, and Maze:

While UserTesting and Maze have card sorting or tree testing available on paid plans, TrymyUI does not have it at all

TrymyUI does not offer moderated testing solutions either, while video interviews has been the focus of UserTesting over the years. That comes with a high burden: according to customer feedback, it can take up to 12 weeks for UserTesting's feedback to arrive (compared to Maze's 3 hours).

While the recent acquisition of UserZoom allowed UserTesting to tap into the quantitative/unmoderated space, technically it can take years before it provides a seamless, "all-in-one" platform experience. Additionally, they currently restrict the types of study/blocks you can run concurrently, so it can quickly become a very expensive option to scale research across your company.

Maze boasts the most complete mix of native quantitative and quantitative research methods in a single, native platform, approaching moderated interviews with AI to make this type of research more efficient and precise.

When it comes to reporting, Maze offers the most robust set of reporting features, with options to filter and customize its automated, visual-rich reports and share it with stakeholders.

TrymyUI vs UserTesting: Participant recruiting & management


TrymyUI (now Trymata)



TrymyUI (now Trymata)


Tester panel

Panel country coverage


35 countries

150+ countries


Participant management database

Custom email research campaigns

Custom screener questions

Main takeaways from the above participant recruitment and management comparison between TrymyUI, UserTesting, and Maze:

→ All three platforms allow customers to find participants that match their target audience more specifically through advanced criteria and through self-recruiting options. Prices vary greatly depending on the plan you're in.

→ All platforms have a participant management database solution available, but only Maze has the ability to actually send targeted product research campaigns to your very own participants.

Maze provides the broadest panel of users, allowing participant recruitment from over 150 countries.


By now, you should have a clear sense of all three platforms, from the features they offer to the pros and cons of each. At the end of the day, choosing between UserTesting, TrymyUI, and Maze comes down to which platform aligns better with your workflow and vision as a team.

Both UserTesting and TrymyUI have acquired other platforms as an attempt to consolidate research functionalities.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive platform, Maze may be the best option o have a truly “all-in-one” native research solution, offering qualitative research methods in pair with a solid quantitative breadth of native functionalities. With AI-powered tools for both moderated and unmoderated studies and options to filter and categorize insights in beautiful data-driven reports, Maze enables product teams to uncover user insights at scale. Sign up for free and see for yourself!

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Inform decisions with real customer insight

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to scale your research, Maze will lead you towards always delivering a truly user-centric product.

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Why product and design teams choose Maze over TrymyUI and UserTesting

Automated Interview Reports with AI - Maze

End-to-end research platform

Deliver value to customers faster with a breadth of native quantitative and quantitative research methods enhanced by AI that anyone in your team can quickly put live.

Integrated participant management

Integrated participant management

No need to rely on expensive panels all the time. Pull in people from your own product toolstack, build your own research participant database, and understand your users at a much deeper level. Like a CRM - just for product research.

Robust, customizable reporting

Robust, customizable reporting

Maze's reports are automated, visually-rich, and fully customizable. Filter and categorize information in detail to uncover patterns and share valuable insights with stakeholders.

Frequently asked questions

How can I start using Maze?

Feel free to signup for a free account at Maze to play around with the platform. If you still have questions about how Maze works or how it can help your organization, get in touch with our product experts.

Who is Maze for?

Anyone working in a product team should be empowered to do research—whether you’re a designer, researcher, product manager, or other.

Maze is used by teams that want to empower everyone to collect actionable user insights to make informed decisions, and share learnings across their whole organization.

Does Maze use AI?

Maze has a breadth of AI-powered functionalities designed to elevate your product research and enabling you to collect more insights, faster, and with more precision than ever before.

Can I request a demo?

Absolutely! Tell us a little about your company here and we’ll connect you with someone in our team.

Do you have comparisons with other platforms?

Yes. Read on to discover all comparisons of Maze with other platforms.

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