Sep 18, 2018 • 6 minutes read

Do more with Maze: Guerrilla testing

Here's how to use Maze to conduct guerrilla user testing sessions and collect insights that help you improve your design.

At Maze, we always enjoy seeing how analytics help you inform your design process.

From performing remote user testing during a freelance project to conducting pre-launch usability tests, Maze empowers you with data and gives you much-needed insights at the design stage of a project.

Today we’re happy to introduce this update that enables you to do even more with Maze. With this feature, you can use Maze to conduct guerrilla usability testing and get the same actionable KPIs you're familiar with.

Starting with a few words on what guerrilla testing is, we'll look at the newest Maze feature plus a few of our tips to keep in mind when conducting guerrilla tests.

Wait, but what is guerrilla testing? 🤔

Guerrilla testing is a usability testing method that involves testing your product with strangers, usually in a public place. It most often involves going to a Starbucks and asking visitors to test a product in return for free coffee.

At its core, guerrilla testing consists of people using your website or mobile application in an uncontrolled environment while you record their feedback. Take a look at this post about a guerrilla usability test on Dropbox photos and the way it was implemented.

This method of testing is known for being quick at offering insights into users’ experience. Tasks such as creating a profile, navigating an app, or ordering a product on an e-commerce site don't require industry-specific knowledge, so they can easily be tested with strangers.

Conducting guerrilla tests with Maze 💻

To conduct your guerrilla tests with Maze, start by creating tasks based on your prototype.

Consult our documentation on getting started with Maze and creating your first test. The process is the same as before, so if you’ve previously used Maze, read on for the upcoming part.

After sending your maze live, you’ll now be able to access maze link options. Click on Copy your link and switch the toggle for Unique session off.

Switching the toggle off allows you to test with multiple participants using the same desktop or mobile device.

Just refresh the page when done with a session and it'll be ready for the next one. Every new session will be recorded as an individual one in your results.

Whether you’re planning to go out and conduct guerrilla tests with strangers in a public space or want to hold testing sessions at your office, you can now have your Maze tested by multiple participants on the same device.

And if you're testing on mobile or tablet devices, install the Maze PWA (Progressive Web App) for the best testing experience.

Our tips for guerrilla testing with Maze 💡

Guerrilla testing is a flexible method that you can adjust as needed and for which you can develop your personal approach over time. But to help you get started, here are a few of our tips to keep in mind when guerilla testing with Maze:

  • Keep your session short
    It's generally better to conduct quick guerrilla tests and not take more than ten minutes per session. For this reason, testing one feature at a time with two or three missions is highly recommended. Also, start with a simple task, e.g., have the tester go through the website or app. This will help them become familiar with the interface and continue with ease.

  • Prepare and plan
    While it may seem that guerrilla testing is spontaneous, the truth is that a lot of prepping should be done before the actual testing. After creating the test, review your maze, and do some testing with your colleagues or friends first to ensure everything is running smoothly.

  • Remove distractions
    You’ll probably be using your own laptop for the sessions, so make sure to remove any notifications that might pop up. This will ensure there's no disruption and keep the testers focused on the tasks at hand.

  • Provide context
    Not everyone is familiar with the idea of prototyping and guerrilla testing, so explain what you’re doing and what the project is about. That being said, don’t give away any hints or task directions, as this will distort your results.

Let's get testing 🏃

User testing may be set up differently based on your project or goals. Feel free to make adjustments that suit your particular use case. We hope this feature enables you to do more with Maze and helps you streamline your user testing process. With this update, we continue to support our vision to enable everyone, from freelance designers to the biggest product teams, to conduct usability testing early in the process.

We're excited to see how you use this feature, let us know by joining the conversation on Twitter. Questions? Contact us through our in-app chat on our website or email us at