Unlock customer insights, make better product decisions

Effortlessly back every product decision with research findings. Maze is the continuous product discovery platform empowering organizations to learn from customers, everyday.

#1 product discovery platform for over 60,000 brands

Bring your customer voice to the entire product development process


Test prototypes, concepts, hypotheses, and happiness.


Work seamlessly with design platforms like Figma, Adobe XD, and more.


Build a tailored participant database and send targeted research campaigns.


Create automated metrics and shareable research reports for each test you run.


Test prototypes, concepts, hypotheses, and happiness.

Continuous product discovery made possible, not painful

Purpose-built research solutions

You need a tool as agile as your team. Validate everything from ideas, prototypes, websites, and beyond with research tools for usability testing, feedback surveys, participant management, and more.

Integrate with the world’s leading product tools

Connect with powerful design, productivity, and product analytics tools, including Figma, Adobe XD, Slack, and Amplitude – so you can consolidate your workflow and remove research silos across teams.

Easy to onboard, easy to use

With little to no learning curve, everyone has the power to create, run, and analyze their own research projects—from discovery through to delivery.

Scale product research across your organization

Review and analyze customer insights in detail to uncover patterns and share Maze's automated, visual-rich reports directly within your productivity tools.

Leave assumptions to your competition


"Using Maze has supercharged our product design process and made it possible to drive faster turnaround times, speeding up product iteration and making for a better, faster user experience."

Yuna Akazawa, Product Designer at Braze

Made for customer-driven organizations

For Product Managers

Get the steer on what to build, why, and how throughout the entire development cycle, with tools that connect you to your end-user with ease.

For Product Designers

Integrate with key design tools and run your own tests to validate concepts, wireframes, prototypes, and IA on your time.

For Product Leaders

Scale an autonomous, data-informed team and build more customer-centric products for your customers. Then see the results to back it up in your adoption.

For User Researchers

Empower your wider product team to test early and often, so you can make informed product decisions while focusing on bigger picture projects.

Bring a customer-focused mindset to your organization