Your questions answered by real users in moments

Build and share maze tests for every kind of research project and continuously collect insights across the entire product lifecycle.

Build tests as simple or dynamic as you like

Easily create custom tests to learn more about your users and build more user-centric products. Discover Maze’s versatile features, like Missions, Conditions, Open Questions, Card Sorting, 5-Second Tests, and more.

Make it your mission to learn about your products

Usability test prototypes or live products across the development cycle with Mission Blocks that follow your users’ moves. Discover how actions are performed, successful paths, and snags in the user journey.

Works with:

Adobe XD

Validate live websites with post-launch insights

Connect your website to Maze to run usability tests on live websites and collect in-product feedback to let customer voice fuel every decision.

Delight users with research on their terms

Share tests or surveys with your users in a matter of seconds via a simple URL. Maze is browser-based and device agnostic, so users can test when and how it suits them.

Embed, download, action

Bring your Maze Report to your favorite tools, like Notion, Figjam, and Miro, making it easier than ever to bring research to the table.

Maze makes continuous product discovery possible

Concept testing

Concept testing

Test ideas and concepts before investing valuable dev and design resources.

Test prototypes

Test prototypes

Validate your prototypes with real users and launch your product with confidence.

Content Testing

Content Testing

Validate messaging and copy ideas with your target audience ahead of launch. Then use post-launch feedback to perfect your message.

User Surveys

User Surveys

Deepen your understanding of users’ needs by collecting feedback continuously through the stages of your product development cycle.

Build the habit of continuous product discovery with Maze

For Product Managers

Get the steer on what to build, why, and how throughout the entire development cycle, with tools that connect you to your end-user with ease.

For Product Designers

Integrate with key design tools and run your own tests to validate concepts, wireframes, prototypes, and IA on your time.

For User Researchers

Empower your wider product team to test early and often, so you can make informed product decisions while focusing on bigger picture projects.

Give your whole team the tools to collect and consume user insights, continuously