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Your questions answered by real users, in moments

Build and share tests for every kind of project and get user feedback wherever they are, whenever you need to.

Build tests as simple, or dynamic, as you like

Easily create custom tests with Maze’s versatile features, like Missions, Conditions, Open Questions, Card Sorting, 5-Second Tests, and more!

Make it a mission to learn about your designs

Add a prototype to your maze through a Mission block and follow your users’ moves. Discover how actions are performed, expected paths and snags in the user journey, and all the moments in-between.

Works with:

Adobe XD

Capture video and screen recordings with Clips

Bring human context to maze usability sessions with Clips and level-up insights with real human interactions.

Delight users with tests on their terms

Share tests or surveys with users in a matter of seconds via a simple URL. Maze is browser-based and device agnostic, so users can test when and how it suits them.

Maze supports you from discovery to release

Concept Testing

Concept Testing

Get feedback on ideas and concepts by asking real users before you start designing.

Test prototypes

Test prototypes

Validate your prototypes with real users and launch with confidence.

Content Testing

Content Testing

Validate messaging and copy ideas with your target audience before you launch.

User Surveys

User Surveys

Collect feedback frequently while deepening your understanding of users and their needs.


"We have incorporated Maze into our product development process to allow our users to drive our product rather than us driving our assumptions."

Chloe Easterlow, Product Designer at UNiDAYS

Maze is better together, empower your whole team with user insights

For Product Managers

Bring the end user’s voice to early product decisions and communicate easily with stakeholders.

For Product Designers

Quickly build, share, and gather actionable data from users to support wider product team needs fast.

For Product Marketers

Collect actionable, quantifiable insights to inform go-to-market strategies and product decisions.

For User Researchers

Democratize testing and research across your organization to empower product teams with the tools to test early and often and make informed product decisions.

Everyone can test, learn, and act rapidly with Maze