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Create better user experiences with card sorting

Test information architecture, discover labels that align best with content descriptions, and tap deep into the mindset of users with an intuitive card sort test.

Test your terminology

Learn whether your language is understood by your audience. Craft better copy that captures attention with a card sort to validate how users group different terms.

Improve discoverability

Bring real users’ voices to the table. Understand how your users categorize pages, actions, or features and improve user experience across your product.

Take your prototypes out for a test drive

Transformed your card sort findings into design magic? Discover how high fidelity designs impact findability and make the right changes—based on real feedback.

No prototypes? No problem

Validate your ideas before dedicating design resources. Test navigation in the early concept stages—without the need to have final prototypes ready.

Test, learn, and act in hours, not weeks.