Organize information as your users would
Card Sorting

Organize information as your users would

Uncover your users' mental models in no time with our custom, automated analytics and define better naming, navigation, and information architecture (IA).

Card Sorting with Maze

See how users categorize information

Test assumptions with Open or Closed card sorting tasks to see how your users group information. Helping you avoid unnecessary reworks and making UX your competitive edge.

drag-and-drop card sorting tool  Maze

An experience so good, users will want to show their hand

Our intuitive drag-and-drop card sorting tasks create a seamless experience for your users. Create your own instructions, tailor task settings, and add images or descriptions for richer research experiences.

card sort report - Maze

Simple visuals for complex findings

With Maze, your results turn into visual analytics instantly—showcased as agreement rates, a similarity matrix, and an agreement matrix to speed up your time to insight.

Card sorting perfectly paired with digestible data

Agreement Rate

Agreement Rate

Discover the percentage of users who placed a card in a certain category.



Save time manually piecing data together. Maze automatically merges categories with the same name.

Agreement Matrix

Agreement Matrix

Visualize trends as this matrix clusters cards under each category based on their highest agreement rates.

Similarity Matrix

Similarity Matrix

Evaluate the relationship between card pairings with this visualization.

card sorting report

Transform user categorizations into data-packed reports

Share your key learnings with our laser-focused card sorting slide in a ready-made report. Automatically collate categories with high agreement rates, popular cards, one-offs, and leave room for your matrix visualizations.

Check your cards

In poker, you should keep your cards close to your chest. In product, keep them close to your users to make the right decisions:

Need some help getting started? Let’s sort that out:

Sort user feedback into future product decisions

Disvover Maze's intuitive, automated, and insights-rich card sorting.