Tree Testing - Maze
Tree Testing

Build a more useful information architecture

Can users easily find the information they’re looking for? Test concepts early and continuously so you don't just go with the flow—you improve the flow.

Tree Testing - Maze

Fix feature discoverability

Leave frustrating navigation in the past. Test your terminology and groupings to help users find the information they really need.

tree testing - blocks

Design with confidence

Say goodbye to site structures that don't make sense. Test concepts with your users before launch so your team can focus on the work that really matters.

Follow up on findings

Follow up on findings

Dive deeper into valuable insights by asking your users follow-up questions. Watch responses transform into instant, digestible reports your whole team can act on immediately.

Assess your IA Design

Want to assess a redesigned Information Architecture (IA)? Use these templates to see if your audience is able to place items within your navigation.

Good things come in threes

Improve information architecture and product usability with Maze