Enjoy hassle-free interview scheduling

Avoid time-consuming email coordination or scheduling tools. Maze’s integration with Google Calendar makes it easy.

Let Maze handle the tedious details

Let Maze handle the tedious details

With team-based scheduling and granular meeting settings like session duration, daily availability, and meeting buffers, Maze does all the coordination for you.

Scheduling options tailored for research

Scheduling options tailored for research

Customize date ranges, set rolling availability windows, and limit the number of sessions per study or per day. Our scheduling tools give you precise control to meet your goals.

Frequently asked questions

Does the calendar integration comply with data protection regulations?

Yes, the calendar integration complies with data protection regulations. To learn more about our commitment to security and data protection, please visit the following pages:
Maze: compliance.maze.co
Cronofy: cronofy.com/compliance-center

Can I disconnect my calendar?

Yes, you always have full control to connect and disconnect your calendar.

How does Maze integrate with my calendar?

Maze uses a third party tool called Cronofy. Learn more here.

Is the calendar integration available on all Plans?

The calendar integration is an Organization plan feature.

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