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Maze for Product Marketers

Finally, a tool for Product Marketers

Meet the rapid testing platform that gives you actionable data from your target audience, in a matter of hours.

Fast, remote testing for every asset and idea

Easily test your marketing collateral or gather insights early on from users anywhere, anytime.

The answers you need, instant and actionable

Fuel marketing decisions, from messaging to final copy, with visual, quantitative data that matters.

Liquid Agency

"Maze complements our quantitative research efforts and exports an elegant infographic that is intuitive, branded and client-ready."

Daniel Wood, VP of Digital Experience at Liquid Agency

With Maze anyone can test and learn, rapidly

Maze supports you from idea to launch

Create custom, dynamic tests and surveys with Maze’s versatile set of blocks, like questions, tree tests, card sorting, 5-second tests, and more.

Concept testing

Concept testing

Get feedback on feature ideas and product concepts from your users early on.

Copy testing

Copy testing

Validate messaging and copy ideas with your target audience before you launch.

Content Testing

Content Testing

Test marketing assets early and see which versions your users prefer.

User Surveys

User Surveys

Deepen your understanding of user needs and behaviors.

No users? No problem. Get results fast with our Tester Panel.

Easily share tests and surveys with our Tester Panel of over 70,000 testers and get results in a matter of hours, not days.

Empower your team with research insights and build a product your users love.