User testing, reimagined for everyone

User insights shouldn’t be siloed. Learning shouldn’t be slow. Maze empowers everyone to source and access invaluable user insights—putting data in the hands of the many.

70% of teams do zero research

Too many under-resourced teams are relying on moderated 1-on-1 research projects that span over 120 hours and often run over budget. Despite 8 in 10 acknowledging research is critical, it’s often easier to do nothing at all.

Meet rapid testing, made for user-facing experiences

We believe anyone should be able to test anytime, anywhere to unite them with meaningful data they can act on. Maze empowers teams to test, learn, and act fast.

Eliminate hours spent rewatching and rewinding

Moderated, recorded user research sessions only create more work. Get the answers you need in a fraction of the time with Maze, where results transform into quantitative data, like misclicks and heatmaps, and into a beautifully-packaged Maze Report.

Reach your users where they are

Test with users around the world in just a few clicks. You can create a maze for every project need, from surveys to usability tests, share in seconds with a simple URL and have meaningful results in a matter of hours.

Open up user insights to the whole team

Empower everyone in your organization to source and access invaluable user insights that optimize experiences and drive design-led companies. With Maze, it’s easy to collaborate, share, and iterate on projects together.


"Maze enabled us to double the number of testing sessions with users before shipping a new feature!"

Nicolas Berthozat, Cofounder at FairMoney

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