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Product research reimagined for the whole product team

User insights shouldn’t be siloed. Learning shouldn’t be slow. Maze empowers your entire product team to collect actionable user insights rapidly and fuel product decision-making.

Most teams don’t do any research

You read that right. While 80% of teams agree research is critical for their business, a lack of time, resources, and people mean plenty of valuable insights are being left in the dark.

That’s where Maze comes in

We know life can get busy and a number of factors can disrupt product research. Maze gives you the tools to power your team with actionable insights you can act on fast.

Capture video and screen recordings with Clips

Bring human context to maze usability sessions with Clips and level-up insights with real human interactions.

Connect with users across the globe

Reach your users where they are. Create a maze for every project need, from usability tests to surveys, and share with a simple URL in just a few clicks. Then see the results roll in within hours.

Empower your whole team with user insights

With Maze, it’s easy to make every product decision research-driven. Collaborate on projects across your team and share valuable insights company-wide to optimize their experience and your business growth.


"Maze enabled us to double the number of testing sessions with users before shipping a new feature"

Nicolas Berthozat, co-founder at FairMoney

Say goodbye to dead ends in product research.