Continuous product discovery—your new competitive edge

User insights should come free from red-tape, so you can make confident product decisions that drive business growth.

Research fuels high adoption, activation, and retention

60% of product teams connect with users less than monthly—even though they’re making decisions daily.

The way we build products is broken

Limited research bandwidth, complicated methods, and siloed access to users are hurdles leaving product teams at the starting line or cutting corners when it comes to product feedback.

That’s where Maze comes in

The only platform that makes product discovery continuous, fitting every team's schedule, experience, and needs. Validate product decisions and collect feedback across the entire product development cycle.

A research springboard for user insights

Maze breaks down barriers between you and your users. Get your research in front of the right people, whether they’re existing users or ideal personas, with both participant management tools and diverse panel access.

Where our community fuels your user connections

We’re on a mission to help build learning cultures that maintain quality and great relationships through community and content empowering product teams to instill a discovery mindset.


"Maze enabled us to double the number of testing sessions with users before shipping a new feature"

Nicolas Berthozat, co-founder at FairMoney

Say goodbye to dead ends in product discovery.