Nov 3, 2019 • 6 minutes read

Say hello to Maze 2.0

Better reporting, unlimited collaborators, tester credits, and more. Discover everything that's new in Maze 2.0.

Last week, on March 7th, Maze turned one. Exactly one year ago, we were at the start of one of the most exciting journeys—that of building Maze for and with designers, researchers, and product people all over the world. Since that day, we’ve been incredibly humbled by the support and love we get from our community every single day.

We’ve now come full circle, and we’re very excited to announce Maze 2.0 that comes with better reporting, unlimited collaborators, a shiny new website, tester credits, and more!

We’ll continue to build Maze to help you get the insights you need to make confident design decisions based on data, remove uncertainty from the design process and know if your design works—all before writing a single line of code. Discover what’s new in Maze 2.0 and what’s coming next below.

What’s new 🌟

From unlimited collaborators to a new website, here’s everything that’s new in Maze.

Unlimited Collaborators

A key part of being a designer is collaborating daily with colleagues on everything from research and development to announcements and beyond.
More than that, when it comes to getting buy-in for design choices, it helps to have stakeholders join you where these decisions are taken.

We believe everyone in the product team should participate in user research and become data-oriented when it comes to design.

That’s why all our plans now include unlimited collaborators so you can work together with your team and iterate on results before kicking off development.

Instant Report

One major and time-consuming part of user testing is the analysis process. That includes synthesizing and reporting on user testing results so that your team can iterate and make design decisions based on those findings.

And when you do quantitative user testing? This part is even more of a hassle.

That’s why we’ve introduced the Maze Report: an instantly-generated document with all your user testing results. The report automates the analysis process so you can easily share and discuss testing results with your team in minutes. Read up on the Maze Report here.

Tester Credits

In the last year, we’ve been working on making user testing as easy and as fast as possible. A significant step towards this was having recruiting testers available directly in Maze. We believe this overcomes a roadblock in user testing your product when you don’t have access to yours or your clients' user base.

We’re happy to announce an update to the Testers Hiring feature: credits now make the process of recruiting candidates with Maze a breeze. One credit equals one result from a participant for your Maze test. You can buy credits in bundles to add to your Maze account. These credits can be used at any time, across all your Maze projects.
Discover more about tester credits in our documentation.

New Website

Last but not least, the first Maze anniversary is the perfect opportunity to launch our newly redesigned website. As Maze expanded beyond a nifty tool that gives you analytics for your prototypes to a platform that helps product and design teams iterate better and faster on design together—a change like this felt right.

The new website is value-oriented, with details about how and when you can implement Maze in your design process. From split-testing multiple designs to conducting guerilla testing sessions, we hope the new Maze website answers these questions.

What’s more, your Maze dashboard has been updated with an improved interface, new options, and all-around tweaks to make your experience smoother than ever.

Coming up ✨

Some of the most requested features are coming to Maze in the upcoming months. You can expect advancements in how you test, improved reporting, a stellar testing experience and much, much more.

We’re dedicated to making evidence-based design available across the board. Here are the features you asked for coming to Maze:

  • Rich testing, extra insights ⇒ ask testers questions before, during or after to get rigorous data on your designs; analyze testing data with filters, demographics, etc.
  • Smart heatmaps ⇒ filter your heatmaps to only view information that matters to you.
  • New integrations ⇒ support for more prototyping tools: Figma, anyone?
  • Improved tester experience ⇒ design tweaks, Progressive Web App, and a better testing interface.
  • Multiple paths ⇒ more than one path to success for your missions.
  • Session replay ⇒ record and play back live sessions to see every interaction with your prototype.

Let’s chat 🎉

We’re incredibly honored of the continued support we get from our community every day: from valuable feedback to feature requests—we can’t thank you enough for supporting our vision.

Join our conversation on Twitter and let us know what you love about Maze or what you want us to include in our next release.

Let's build the future of testing together!