New to research, new to Maze: The latest executives to join the Maze leadership team

We’ve got exciting updates to share as we venture into our second quarter of 2024. We won’t spoil the upcoming product news that’s coming soon… but we will share that we’re excited to welcome two new leaders to the executive team at Maze: our new Chief Revenue Officer, John Mayhall, and VP of Marketing, Hilary Terrell.

Most recently, John was the CRO at CyberGRX, where he led the transformation of the Go-to-Market strategy to support the company’s evolution into a data and insights platform. Prior to that, John spent over 11 years at LinkedIn leading Sales & Operations teams. He loves building and has deep experience running businesses that deliver insights to their customers.

Hilary joins Maze from Box, where she spent a combined 8 years in leadership roles in product marketing and enablement. Previously, she led the marketing organization at Planet and learned the ways of world-class enterprise marketing at Salesforce, SuccessFactors, and others, which she is excited to bring to Maze.

So, why did they join the ride at Maze? Let’s hear it in their own words.

John shares: "Our relationship with technology is…complicated. I’ve always been interested in the UX space, believing that successful companies will put the human experience at the center of their designs. What fascinated me when I learned about Maze was the nascency of the user research market. A solution that helps teams make faster, higher-quality decisions based on user feedback is a no-brainer. When I learned of how easy and efficient Maze makes this process - and how much the user community loves the product - my eyes lit up. When I met Jo, Hilary, and the Executive Team, a group of leaders that also put humans at the center of everything they do, I felt right at home."

Hilary echoes the excitement for joining Maze: "I'd break it down into three areas. 1) I'm a marketer and product marketer at heart. My ideal role allows me to deeply connect with a product, the users and buyers, and the value that we're driving for customers. Maze sits at the right at the center of that—it's a product that actually helps products get to market in the best way possible, with customer insights at the core, allowing products to actually meet the needs of users. I wish all of my previous companies had been using Maze. 2) This market is ripe (overdue!) for disruption. And if you know my career path, you know I love shaking up the competition… 3) We have an amazing team in place to make this happen. This is a pivotal year for Maze, and I couldn't be more excited to lead the GTM charge hand in hand with John and the broader team."

Welcome to the team, Hilary and John!