Make product learnings continuous

Capture in-context insights from your live products with our Live Suite—a bundle of features powering live website testing and in-app feedback.

Validate live features, flows, and naming

Run usability tests on products already in production, so you can identify key opportunities for shaping, scoping, and building. The same Maze Missions you know and love, now optimized for your live website.

Send in-product prompts for user feedback

Embed product research tasks and surveys in popovers on your websites and browser-based products. Capture in-the-moment user feedback and get customer sentiment and satisfaction signals.

Research responses rich in quality and quantity

Screen or recruit users for interviews during live sessions in-product or on your website. Need a specific demographic? Target cohorts of users from product analytics tool, Amplitude.

See your users’ journey as it happens

Capture video and screen recordings with Clips, so you can bring human context to usability sessions in Maze.

Be our guest. Check in to our Live Suite 🛎️