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Run mobile participant screening

Don’t leave users hanging on the telephone—help them by running a quick survey to locate pain points and product blind spots. Then dial into the data for solutions.

What you’ll learn

Android or iPhone? Discover where your users hang out with a multiple choice survey, then optimize for the answers you get.

Smart phones deserve smart solutions. Identify current pain points to work towards a friction-less future.

Gauge how key competitors measure up with your product, then use the learnings to iterate and improve.

Follow-up on feedback by requesting a 1-hour call with your audience to talk through the points in more detail.

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What is Maze?

Maze empowers everyone to source and access invaluable user insights—putting data in the hands of the many.

Welcome screen

How are you currently [solving problem]?

Open Question

What type of operating system do you currently use on your phone?

Multiple Choice

When [solving problem] what is most important to you?

Multiple Choice

Which of the following have you used to [solve problem]?

Multiple Choice

Are you available for a 1 hour call on the week of [date]?

Open Question

Thank you screen