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Identify customer goals

Identify your customers’ primary activities with a quick survey, then turn their feedback into actions for your product strategy.

What you’ll learn

Discover what problems your users are facing in trying to complete tasks, and what your product can offer to help.

Segment your audience more effectively based on the primary goals your customers want to achieve.

Identify areas of interest in your customer framework, including their activity frequencies, time to complete tasks, and more.

Dive deep into the data and identify primary and secondary goals to shape your product strategy around.

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What is Maze?

Maze empowers everyone to source and access invaluable user insights—putting data in the hands of the many.

Welcome screen

What are your three most important activities?

Multiple Choice

What are the activities you spent the most amount of time on [last week]?

Open Question

What type of work-arounds have you created to help you with this?

Open Question

Which of the activities do you find add the most value, despite how much time they may take you to complete, and why?

Open Question

What could be better about how you do this?

Open Question

Thank you screen