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Test your website sign-up flow

Test the success of your website sign-up flow. This template can be run with lo-fi or hi-fi wireframes or prototypes, simply add your own prototype when prompted.

What you'll learn

Quickly determine the success of your sign up usability task and generate a usability score.

Identify users' perception of navigation and design through a series of open and closed follow up questions

Optimize your website conversion flows by understanding the underlying issues and challenges your users might be experiencing.

How to implement a scalable rapid testing process for design and product that enables you and your team to test early and often.

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Welcome screen

Sign up to [Product] on the [Sport Addict Plan]


On a scale of 1-10, how was your experience with the interface?

Opinion Scale

How did you find the process of signing up?

Multiple Choice

What are your thoughts on the design and layout?

Open Question

Was the navigation as expected?


What could we do to improve this?

Open Question

How did you find language usage across the website?

Open Question

Any additional feedback on your experience with the website?

Open Question

Thank you screen