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Usability testing a new product

Run this usability test with real users and collect valuable opinions and feedback. You’ll discover where your prototype meets users' expectations and where it falls short.

Template by

Melanie Buset, User Experience Researcher @ Spotify

What you'll learn

Clarify if users can navigate through your prototype successfully with a unique usability score and detailed design metrics.

Identify pain points to iterate and improve on whilst also validating design decisions in learning what worked well for users.

Gather qualitative insights that give users an unmoderated space to offer opinions, feedback, and suggestions.

Introduce a rapid way for your team to scale usability and user interface testing throughout the design process.

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Welcome screen

Have you used [Product] before?


If yes, how often do you use [Product] per week?

Multiple Choice

Imagine you were trying to accomplish [sending money] from your account


What would you expect to happen once you've sent money to someone?

Open Question

Do you have any final thoughts on what you saw today?

Open Question

Thank you screen