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Test feature usability

This usability test can be run after an idea generation phase when you want to narrow down your options to understand what works and what could be improved in each of your concepts.

Template by

Yuri Martins, Senior Product Designer @ Typeform

What you'll learn

Get clarity on whether users are able to complete your task and receive an overarching usability score.

Identify any points of friction for the user throughout the usability test to eliminate points of confusion, misunderstanding, or the like.

Collect qualitative feedback on what was missing from the feature or give users an opportunity to share additional details.

Introduce a rapid way for your team to scale usability and user interface testing throughout the whole design process.

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Welcome screen

Before we start, could you please tell us briefly about what you do professionally?

Open Question

In the next step you’ll see a prototype of a bank app.

Context Screen

Send money to John


How easy was the task?

Opinion Scale

What did you find easy about the task you performed?

Open Question

Could you tell us what was unclear, or what was missing?

Open Question

Is there anything else we didn't ask, or that you'd like to add regarding the prototype?

Open Question

Thank you screen