New in Maze: Introducing Interview Studies for simplified moderated research

For too long, companies have grappled with the fragmented and time-intensive processes required to conduct effective moderated research. Manually coordinating schedules, conducting interviews with various tools, and spending excessive time analyzing recordings and preparing reports have created significant bottlenecks in this essential research workflow. While legacy research tools provide some relief, they still require substantial manual effort and inefficient workflows. This led to an all-too-common problem: product teams making critical decisions without crucial user data.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Interview Studies, our comprehensive moderated research solution. Complementing our industry-leading unmoderated testing offerings, this launch solidifies Maze as the modern user research platform. Our new moderated capabilities eliminate historical headaches by offering a seamless, centralized solution tailored for the entire moderated research lifecycle. Teams can now ditch the disjointed processes and tools that have historically bogged down this critical research method.

Jason Ruud, Senior Director, User Experience & Product Innovation at Hitachi Solutions America and Maze customer, shares his enthusiasm for this new feature set:

This new feature is massive for us. We used to rely on multiple tools for scheduling interviews, but now, with Maze, it's all in one place. It's incredibly helpful to streamline our sessions without the hassle of juggling different platforms. I really appreciate how everything is bundled together seamlessly.

Jason Ruud, Senior Director, User Experience & Product Innovation at Hitachi Solutions America

Here's how we're making it easy and efficient for anyone to conduct insightful moderated interviews, so all teams can make customer-centric decisions faster.

Reach the right audience with a powerful panel or your own community

It’s no secret that moderated research is both time-intensive and costly–that’s why it's crucial to ensure every participant adds value to your study.

Maze Panel

With Maze's partnership with Respondent, you gain access to a dynamic panel of over 3 million diverse panelists across 150+ countries. Whether leveraging this expansive panel or engaging with your own community through other recruitment tools like direct links and in-product prompts, Maze offers custom screening to ensure you connect with the perfect fit, setting the stage for valuable insights and meaningful interactions.

Simplify interview coordination with automated scheduling

With product teams and research participants dispersed across the globe, coordinating interviews often devolves into a tedious tangle of email threads and manual calendar coordination.

Maze Automated Scheduling

Maze's automated scheduling feature simplifies this process, allowing you to integrate with your teams’ calendars and customize availability settings, session durations, and meeting buffers. Designed specifically for research, our robust scheduling settings ensure your moderated studies are conducted efficiently and align with your objectives. With automated email reminders, Maze ensures participants are informed and engaged, reducing the chance of no-shows and easing the administrative burden for your team.

Make moderated research easy with flexible video conferencing

With interviews on the calendar, the focus shifts from logistics to conducting great sessions to gather insights. A smooth participant experience is essential for quality interviews. If participants or team members struggle to join sessions, you risk missing out on valuable insights.

Maze Video Conferencing

Maze offers a versatile, user-friendly video conferencing solution tailored for moderated research. With Interview Studies, you have the flexibility to integrate with your preferred video conferencing platform or use Maze's built-in video conferencing powered by our partnership with Zoom. With no downloads, extensions, or plug-ins required, there’s no barrier to entry for participants.

This purpose-driven experience simplifies the process for easy access and accelerates analysis by automatically importing call recordings directly into the Maze platform upon interview completion.

Get from data to insight faster with AI-driven analysis and reporting

The journey from data collection to actionable insights often hits a roadblock at the analysis and reporting stage. From manually sifting through recordings to distilling key themes and creating compelling presentations, this phase can significantly delay pivotal product and design decisions. Without proper tools in place, analysis quality decreases and insights sharing becomes less frequent, diminishing the value derived from research and reducing the ROI on research efforts.

Maze Analysis and Reporting

Maze streamlines and accelerates this process with automated transcripts, AI-generated summaries, suggested highlights, and quantified insights across your interviews. This innovative approach enables research teams to efficiently scan, review, and refine insights in minutes, instead of hours or days.

A key feature of Maze is the ability to automatically transform raw research into polished, sharable reports. This unique capability eliminates manual reporting work by instantly synthesizing findings into compelling deliverables that can be easily shared and embedded into collaboration tools. Teams can flexibly share specific items, such as highlights, sessions, or themes, or opt for a comprehensive, visually impactful report, ensuring that pertinent data reaches the appropriate recipients.

With insights effortlessly compiled and shared, teams accelerate decision cycles and ensure that actionable insights are accessible to all stakeholders, facilitating quicker, customer-centric decision-making.

Interested in seeing Interview Studies live?

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Building the future of user-centric product development with Maze

With today’s launch of our end-to-end moderated interviews workflow, Maze reaffirms its position as the leading user research platform, addressing the challenges that have long plagued product teams. Interview Studies streamlines and automates every step from recruitment and scheduling to analysis and reporting–all within Maze–making moderated research easier than ever.

The result? Product teams can rapidly execute, analyze, and share findings, accelerating the time to valuable insights and enabling quick integration of user feedback.

This latest enhancement reinforces Maze's commitment to innovation, offering a centralized solution for all research needs. By simplifying the research process and eliminating traditional challenges, Maze continues to drive informed decisions, foster innovation, and make products work for people.

Ready to learn more about how Maze can help your team build the right products faster? Talk to our sales team today.