Unlocking trusted insights: The benefits of running moderated interviews with Maze

At Maze, we’re on a mission to empower any company to build the right products faster by making user insights available at the speed of product development. The recent launch of Maze Interview Studies, our comprehensive moderated research solution, is the next step in reimagining the future of user-centric product development.

From recruiting the right participants and scheduling interviews to conducting sessions and turning raw data into actionable insights—all within Maze—moderated research has never been easier.

Discover how you can accelerate the journey from interviews to trusted insights with Maze, and get a sneak peek into how our own design team leverages Interview Studies to make customer-centric decisions faster.

Let Maze handle the logistics so you can focus on the insights

User interviews are the most used research method, according to 89% of product professionals surveyed in Maze’s 2024 Future of User Research Report. Yet, time constraints (62%) and participant recruitment (60%) remain the top challenges for product teams—leading to bottlenecks and slower decision-making.

We believe moderated research shouldn’t slow you down. Easily reach qualified participants and let Maze handle the tedious interview scheduling and coordination for you, giving your team more time to focus on what matters most: connecting with customers to truly understand their needs.

  • Streamline recruitment: Access a global panel of over 3 million participants across 150 countries or your own community through direct links and in-product prompts
  • Connect with the perfect fit: Configure automatic or manual screening of potential interview participants to ensure you reach the right audience
  • Enjoy hassle-free interview scheduling: Automate scheduling and reminders, sync calendars, and customize meeting settings—all in one place

We used to rely on multiple tools for scheduling interviews but now with Maze it’s all in one place. It’s incredibly helpful to streamline our sessions without the hassle of juggling different platforms. I really appreciate how everything is bundled together seamlessly.

Jason Ruud, Senior Director, User Experience & Product Innovation, Hitachi Solutions America

Scale moderated research with our intuitive platform

Empower researchers, designers, and product managers company-wide to run user interviews and incorporate feedback into all stages of product development. With a fully integrated video conferencing solution, Maze Interview Studies makes it easier than ever to set up, conduct, and analyze user interviews—ensuring a smooth experience for both teams and participants.

  • Conduct frictionless interview sessions: Simplify video interviews with Maze’s flexible, user-friendly solution with built-in conferencing or integrate with your preferred platform like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams
  • Accelerate analysis: Import call recordings directly into Maze upon interview completion to kickstart the AI-powered analysis
  • Empower your team to run great research: Enable stakeholders to conduct moderated research with expert-level resources, including Maze’s User Interviews Guide, Maze Question Bank, Maze Events, and more
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Accelerate user-centric product development

“For too long, companies have been forced to choose between rapid development without user insights or investing months into research before bringing products to market,” says Jonathan Widawski, Co-founder & CEO at Maze. “There’s a better path to the right product, one where companies can learn from users as quickly as they build and iterate at every stage of development.”

Maze’s AI-driven interview analysis provides automated summaries, rapid insights, and intuitive reports in hours, not weeks. This ensures findings and recommendations reach all key stakeholders, empowering them to make data-driven decisions faster than ever.

  • Expedite the journey from data to insights: AI-powered transcription, summaries, and suggested highlights help you analyze sessions at lightning speed
  • Quickly synthesize and present findings: Build influence and alignment while eliminating hours of manual work with automated, ready-to-share reports
  • Facilitate customer-centric decision-making: Easily embed and share content from interviews with key decision-makers using Maze’s integration capabilities

With Interview Studies, we rethought the entire moderated research process from scratch to provide companies with a seamless way to capture their users’ voices at the speed of product development. This means researchers, designers, and product managers no longer have to choose between building fast and learning about their users’ needs.

Jonathan Widawski, Co-founder & CEO at Maze

Maze Feedback Fridays: How our team streamlines moderated research with Interview Studies

Maze Feedback Fridays is a bi-weekly ritual designed to streamline the process of gathering user feedback for new design concepts. The process involves scheduling user interviews on an ongoing basis to ensure designers can connect with users, present their concepts, and refine them based on direct feedback.

Gabriella Lopes, Product Designer at Maze, and Matthieu Dixte, Product Researcher at Maze, explain how they use the new Interview Studies features to simplify every step of the moderated user research process and ensure continuous and efficient feedback cycles.

Recruiting research participants is one of the hardest parts. Previously, we used Maze to pre-qualify people and redirected them to a third-party tool for scheduling, which required constant monitoring and manual coordination. Now, everything is streamlined within Maze.

Matthieu Dixte, Product Researcher at Maze

With Maze Interview Studies, the team can effortlessly recruit interview participants with in-product prompts and pre-qualify them with custom screeners. Plus, the automated scheduling feature allows the team to connect calendars, customize availability settings, and send email reminders—minimizing the risk of no-shows or cancellations.

Even interview sessions have become much more efficient with Maze. “We used to rely on multiple tools to upload interview recordings, analyze them, and export the insights,” explains Gabriella. “With Maze, we can keep everything in one place and connect interview scheduling with video conferencing and analysis in one integrated tool.”

For Matthieu, one major benefit of using Maze is having screener results and user information readily available during video conferences. This context greatly enhances the interview process. Additionally, Maze streamlines analysis by automatically uploading and managing video recordings—eliminating manual uploads and saving valuable time.

Finally, with Maze’s AI-driven analysis and reporting capabilities, the team can quickly extract insights from their Feedback Fridays sessions and generate automated reports to present their findings to the rest of the organization.

“AI-generated summaries and suggested highlights save me a lot of time while giving me the flexibility to review and edit the notes as needed,” shares Gabriella. “Then, with Maze Reports, I can easily share findings or relevant highlights from the interview during our team workshops.”

The ability to embed Maze Reports into our favorite collaboration tools and share highlights or customer quotes has been invaluable for socializing insights and fostering team collaboration and ideation.

Gabriella Lopes, Product Designer at Maze

Maze Interview Studies has revolutionized our Feedback Fridays sessions, enabling our design team to establish a continuous feedback process and increase touchpoints with customers. This streamlined workflow not only saves time but also enhances the quality and efficiency of our research. As the team looks ahead, the goal is to extend this process to product managers and other teams, ensuring that user insights drive innovation across all facets of product development.

Transform conversations into trusted insights

Whether you’re looking to get insights to inform new product development or fine-tune your design, user interviews help you deeply understand users and their experiences with your product.

By streamlining and simplifying the moderated research process, Interview Studies helps researchers, designers, and product managers get timely access to high-quality user insights across the product development lifecycle.

Curious to learn more? Check out our webinar for a product demo, best practices, and more real-life examples from our team at Maze.

User interviews are a breeze with Maze

Simplify your interview workflow from start to finish with automated scheduling, seamless video sessions, and Al-driven analysis and reporting.