Jan 30, 2020 • 6 minutes read

Maze now supports Figma

The Maze + Figma integration is now available in public beta. Learn more in our blog post.

Today we couldn’t be happier to announce that one of our most requested features ever—support for Figma prototypes—is now available in public beta in Maze 🎉

After months of working on this integration with the Figma team, we’re thrilled to tell you that you can now test Figma prototypes with Maze. Before we dive into how to test your Figma prototype, let’s take a look at what this feature means for designers everywhere.

Figma + Maze, a match made in design heaven ❤

Here at Maze, our goal is to bring user testing to every design team. For testing to really happen at scale and be a part of every design project, Maze lives where designers work. That’s the reason we integrate with some of the best tools on the market, and today we’re excited to add Figma to that list.

The hundreds of messages we received from our community on Twitter, daily in our support chats and on our feedback board, all revealed the huge love there is for Figma in the design space. It became clear that integrating with Figma will enable more of you to acquire valuable user insights with the prototypes you create.

Testing Figma prototypes with Maze

When you finish creating a Figma prototype, you can import it into Maze to start testing. Follow these quick steps to import your prototype.


  • In Figma, open the prototype you created and click the Share Prototype button in the top menu bar. The sharing modal will now appear.
  • There, adjust the Link Sharing Discovery settings to Anyone with the link.
  • Click Copy link to copy the prototype's URL to your clipboard.
  • Open Maze and paste the prototype link in the Projects dashboard to create a new project.
  • When you paste the link, you'll be asked to give access to your Figma files. Click Allow access to import your Figma prototype into Maze. You'll only have to allow access once.

💡 If you're new to Maze, create an account, or import your prototype instantly by pasting the prototype URL here.

When you paste your prototype link into Maze, you’ll create a new project with a draft test based on your Figma prototype. Check out our official guide to using Maze to learn more about testing your prototype with Maze.

Analyze test results and review your report

One of the goals of prototyping is to share designs with users and to iterate based on the recorded metrics and feedback until your design is polished and ready for the hand-off. So when you've finished recording a satisfactory number of test results—we recommend around twenty users—it's time to analyze the data collected.

Results in Maze can be read at two high-level views: from each block and from each tester. Plus, each mission displays results divided into three categories:

  • Direct Success: includes users who complete the mission using the path(s) you set
  • Indirect Success: shows users who take a different path but still get to the end screen
  • Give-up / Bounce: signifies users who left the test or gave up the mission.

Maze records all paths people take through a prototype, which will be helpful in determining if a particular user flow is more intuitive than others.

Additionally, you'll get click heatmaps for every screen in your prototype, allowing you to learn where users click or misclick, the order of clicks, the time spent on screens, and more.

Once you start getting results in Maze, a report will become available instantly in your dashboard. You can share the report with your team to discuss the next steps or analyze the results with a client.

Bringing user testing to the design community
If you're using Figma to design and prototype or if you've been thinking of making the switch to Figma, we hope this integration makes testing prototypes with users a painlessly fast and seamless experience and gives you the data you need to help you build better products.

We're so excited about what we have in store for Maze next. Our new $2MM seed round funding will enable us to work on more features to help you test design solutions earlier and faster in the process, building Maze into the go-to user testing platform for designers everywhere. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Questions? Chat with us on Twitter or email us at support@maze.design. Happy testing 🙌🏼