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Test feature discoverability

Want to increase the findability of specific features? This prototype test will help you empathize with the way your customer makes decisions and ultimately better refine features.

Template by

Yuri Martins, Senior Product Designer @ Typeform

What you'll learn

Evaluate the discoverability of a feature running a prototype test that brings you user insights you can act on

Uncover the ‘why’ behind the data reports on product usage, if a feature hasn’t been performing how you expected.

Discover usability challenges your users may be facing with a usability task and contextual follow-up questions.

Introduce a rapid way for your team to scale prototype testing and use throughout the design process.

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What is Maze?

Maze empowers everyone to source and access invaluable user insights—putting data in the hands of the many.

Welcome screen

Before we start, could you please tell us briefly about what you do professionally?

Open Question

Have you ever [delivered a package] on [Product]?


Did you know [Product] [delivered parcels]?


Could you tell us more about why you haven't used this feature yet?

Open Question

Could you explain what you consider when using [Product] to [deliver a package]?

Open Question

Book a 10kg parcel for December 14th


How was your overall experience?

Opinion Scale

Was there anything missing from your experience?

Open Question

Would you use this [Feature] in future?


Please could you explain your answer?

Open Question

Thank you screen