Product Templates

Choose from our product templates to test new feature ideas and product concepts—and iterate on your existing ones. Get closer to achieving your product goals with Maze by validating your product-market fit, running product satisfaction surveys, testing feature discoverability, and much more.


Get fast product feedback

Product • Marketing • Feedback Survey

Get fast product feedback

Bring user insights to future product iterations


Test new feature satisfaction

Product • Feedback Survey • Satisfaction Survey

Test new feature satisfaction

Pinpoint any challenges users may have that require attention and iteration


Test feature usability

Product • Research • Usability Testing • Concept Validation

Test feature usability

Feature usability template

Run a product satisfaction survey

Research • Product • Satisfaction Survey

Run a product satisfaction survey

Measure how satisfied users are with your product

Templates for product teams

With a product-oriented template, you can log user data for product teams to help improve the user's journey. Easily test better quality experiences for customers (and an easier workflow for your team). With actionable feedback, you can focus on customer pain points to improve and stay ahead of other tools and competitors. And let's not forget about mobile—validate key design decisions by creating wireframes for customers to use on your mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

What is a product survey?

A product survey is a research tool used to measure how customers feel about a product. Generally, a product survey comprises a collection of open-ended and closed-ended questions that allow product teams to get accurate customer feedback and make informed product decisions.

What's the difference between a product survey and a product feedback survey?

Product feedback surveys are one of the most common types of product surveys. While a product survey helps you understand how customers feel about your products in general, a product feedback survey focuses on the customer experience with your products.

What kind of insights can my Product team get with Maze?

Whether you’re a product manager, marketer, designer, or just really passionate about great product research, Maze is here to empower you and your team to collect valuable insights that matter. Validate your product-market fit, share post-launch learnings with key stakeholders, and collect continuous insights that will help shape and support your product roadmap.

In what stages of product development can Maze be useful?

At Maze, we believe continuous product research and discovery is key to creating truly customer-centric products. Simply put—the more you research, the more value you deliver to your users more frequently.

Maze empowers anyone who does research to autonomously run expert-level, unmoderated research at every stage—facilitating a discovery mindset in product teams so you can build the right product with your users, for your users.

What does continuous product discovery mean?

Traditional product discovery is the work teams do to decide what to build. Good discovery involves the voice of the customer, to make sure that product decisions are based on their needs and pains, not on the assumptions and desires of your Product teams.

Continuous product discovery turns traditional product discovery into a loop. It acknowledges that discovery activities don’t stop once product delivery begins. Instead, discovery continues throughout the entire product development process—discovery feeds delivery and delivery feeds discover, in a continuous loop.

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