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Test new feature satisfaction

Use this template to signal user satisfaction of a new feature. Create feedback loops post-launch and pinpoint any challenges that require attention or identify success.

What you'll learn

Identify the challenges and pain points users might have experienced whilst using your feature to inform future iterations.

Clarify if features are reaching your user’s expectations and add context to adoption data.

Further develop your understanding of users' wants and needs to arm you with insights for wider product development.

Introduce a scalable way to bring user insights to the product team at every stage of the product design process.

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Welcome screen

How was your [Feature] experience?

Context Screen

How satisfied are you with [Feature]?

Opinion Scale

How was your overall experience with [Feature]?

Opinion Scale

Any problems accessing/setting up [Feature]?


What was the issue?

Open Question

Did the [Feature] work as expected?


What didn't work as expected?

Open Question

Will you continue using [Feature]?



Open Question

Do you have any other thoughts/feedback on [Feature]?

Open Question

Thank you screen