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Validate feature ideas

Validate which ideas should be transformed into actions with a survey to gauge user response. Then use valuable insights to plan for your product roadmap.

What you’ll learn

What problems are your users currently facing? Share insights with your team to work in the right direction for next steps.

Tap into the minds of your customers to iterate on existing features and build a backlog of future ideas.

Save your time and streamline efforts by gaining valuable feedback ahead of new feature launches.

Perfect your overall product and add benefit to your business with rapid, actionable feedback.

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What is Maze?

Maze empowers everyone to source and access invaluable user insights—putting data in the hands of the many.

Welcome screen

What problems do you face when you do [task]?

Open Question

How often do you do [task]?

Multiple Choice

What workarounds have you created?

Open Question

How much time and money does this cost your business?

Open Question

Do you have any issues with your current solution?

Open Question

Thank you screen