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Validate feature naming

Clear up confusion with product and feature names by asking for user input. Validate your naming decisions with a quick test to determine whether the purpose matches the title.

Template by

Steve Howe, Content Strategist

What you’ll learn

Does your audience understand the purpose of your feature by the name chosen?

Have they any misconceptions about what the feature actually does? Uncover areas of confusion and map out your next steps to tackle it.

Does your audience understand the purpose of the feature with the added context our Conditions feature provides?

Look for pain points and struggles your users may have with disconnected product copy.

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Welcome screen

Here's an image from an app that lets users [send and request money].

Context Screen

What do you think [feature] lets you do? 

Open Question

Take a look at the updated image with the [feature] now open.

Context Screen

What do you think the feature lets you do, given this new information? 

Open Question

Thank you screen