Concept & Idea Validation

Move forward with the right solutions

Validate product ideas and concepts with users early on and throughout the product cycle with Maze.

Green light your bold ideas

Inform decision-making with the data to back it up. Maze turns your user responses into actionable insights.

Give your users a voice

Test product ideas and concepts with users throughout the entire development cycle to deliver something that truly resonates


“Through Maze Discovery, we were able to reach about 70% of our internal users to validate which KPIs and metrics would be required on our new dashboards.”

Nikolas Beaudin, Product Design Manager | Samsung Ads

Maze makes continuous discovery possible

Everything you need to validate ideas, carefully considered

Run 5-Second Tests

Run 5-Second Tests

First impressions count. Discover if your ideas deliver by sharing quick images and concepts with users.

Set Conditions

Set Conditions

Create different test paths based on your users’ responses and gather more contextual data.

Ask Open Questions

Ask Open Questions

Remove assumptions and biases. Empower users to share their honest feedback to help inspire your product decisions.

Run Opinion Scales

Run Opinion Scales

Get a pulse on sentiment and easily identify key trends. Ask users to rate ideas on a numeric or emotion-based opinion scale.

Don’t leave it down to the wire(frame)

Take your prototypes out for a test drive with users to help shape your product roadmap and launch with confidence.

Leave biases at the door. Build with your users, for your users.