Concept & Idea Validation

Move forward with the right ideas

Validate ideas and concepts early on with quantifiable insights from real users.

Data you can act on

Put quantifiable user insights on your side and confidently decide which ideas and concepts are worth moving forward with.

Give your users a voice

Validate your ideas early and test your product, design or copy ideas by asking real users for feedback early in the process.


“Through Maze Discovery, we were able to reach about 70% of our internal users to validate which KPIs and metrics would be required on our new dashboards.”

Nikolas Beaudin, Product Design Manager | Samsung Ads

Modern, agile teams move faster with Maze

Everything you need to validate ideas, carefully considered

Run 5-Second Tests

Run 5-Second Tests

Display images or screens for 5 seconds to measure a user’s impression of your idea.

Set Conditions

Set Conditions

Create different test paths based on your testers’ responses and gather more contextual data.

Ask Open Questions

Ask Open Questions

Reduce biases, enable your users to elaborate and bring qualitative data to your mazes.

Run Opinion Scales

Run Opinion Scales

Easily find trends through asking users to rate ideas on a numeric or emotion-based opinion scale.

Do more with Maze, test your prototypes

Validate your wireframes and prototypes with real users and launch with confidence.

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