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Put doubts to rest with a prototype test

Save your team time and headaches further down the line. Test your prototypes early on to validate ideas - before investing valuable resources.

Validate your designs before writing a single line of code

Tap into your users’ minds and collect rapid feedback to make customer-centric products that are actually usable.

Adobe XD

Capture video and screen recording with Clips

Bring human context to maze usability sessions with Clips and level-up insights with real human interactions.

Filter the best view of your test results

Your data, your way. Customize and filter test results the way that works best for you and your team. Designed to help you discover valuable insights—faster.

Plant Jammer

"Figma prototype tests are so simple to set up and test with real users. We now have the tool to quickly reality check our crazy ideas. So powerful and extremely easy to use!"

Rasmus Sund Hald, Lead Designer, Plant Jammer

Find meaningful metrics easily

Claim back the hours lost making sense of prototype testing results. Discover the metrics that matter beautifully wrapped up in data-rich reports—all ready for stakeholders.

Secure stakeholder buy-in

Help guarantee that important buy-in from internal and external stakeholders. Share key insights from prototype testing projects to easily collaborate and decide next steps.

Reduce time spent analyzing user data, Maze does it for you



Learn more about expected (and unexpected) user behavior from heatmaps and discover how users navigate your prototypes.

Usability Score

Usability Score

Capture your product’s usability with a unique score to help guide your future improvements.

Design Metrics

Design Metrics

Make core improvements to your design with metrics like misclicks and time-on-screen guiding you towards success.

CSV Reports

CSV Reports

Download CSV files with the new data from your testing sessions and save them to your organization’s database.

Put your prototypes to the test with Maze