Prototype Testing with maze
Prototype Testing

Get from design to decision faster

Validate usability across your prototypes with real users before you build and invest valuable resources.

Validate your designs before writing a single line of code

Validate your designs before writing a single line of code

Collect feedback quickly and continuously from real users, and fix usability issues before they become a resource-consuming problem.

Design variant comparison with Maze

Avoid gut feeling design

Test up to five design variants in a single study - so you can select the best design quickly, and with confidence.

Hook up your favorite design tools

Prototype Testing Metrics & Reports - Maze

Uncover meaningful metrics easily

Quantitative metrics meet qualitative insights with visual reports made for easy sharing across the business.

Filter prototype test results

Filter the best view of your research results

Your data, your way. Quickly customize your view of insights with our demographically rich filters. Designed to help you discover continuous insights, and hone in on your most valuable information.

research buy-in

Secure stakeholder buy-in

Help guarantee that important buy-in from internal and external stakeholders. Share key insights from prototype testing projects to easily collaborate and decide on the next steps.

Let Maze turn prototype test results into valuable research insights

Usability Score

Usability Score

Capture your product’s usability with a unique score to help guide your future improvements.



Learn more about expected (and unexpected) user behavior from heatmaps, and discover how users navigate your prototypes.

Design Metrics

Design Metrics

Make core improvements to your design with metrics like misclicks and time-on-screen guiding you towards success.

Embed Reports

Embed Reports

Bring your Maze Report to Notion, FigJam, or Miro. Surfacing research insights in your daily workflow has never been easier.

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