30 UX research conferences you’ll want early-bird tickets to in 2024

If you’re looking to level up your UX skill set, connect with like-minded professionals, and discover emerging trends across the UX industry, then there’s no better place to look than 2024’s UX research conferences.

Featuring an array of keynote speakers, presentations and workshops, there’s a plethora of UX research conferences you’ll want to sign up for this year, so you can arm yourself with valuable UX research knowledge and get the latest scoop on the state of UX research.

The downside is that you (probably) can’t find time to attend them all. With so many conferences announced for 2024, we’ve compiled the top 30 UX research conferences you won’t want to miss—from the big-hitters to the hidden gems.

Conference Date Location Focus
The Virtual UX Conference by NNG January 12-26  Online UX strategy, research ops, design
AXE-CON 2024 February 20-22  Online Digital accessibility
ConveyUX 2024 February 27-29  Seattle, Washington, USA and online UX research, UX design, and UX management
IUI ACM 2024 March 18-21  Greensville, South Carolina, USA Human-computer interaction, AI, and intelligent interface
UX Copenhagen 2024 March 20-21  Copenhagen, Denmark UX design, UX strategy, and marketing
Advancing Research 2024 March 25-26  New York City, New York, USA Challenges of UX research
UX Healthcare Europe 2024 April  11-12 
June 18-19 
September 19-20 
September 25-27 
UX healthcare
IAC: Information Architecture Conference April 9-13 Seattle, Washington, USA UX Information architecture 
UXInsight Festival 2024 April 15-17  Breda, the Netherlands UX research insights and best practices
Chi 2024 May 11-16 Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, USA and online Human-computer interaction
UXLx: User Experience Lisbon May 21-24 Lisbon, Portugal UX research, UX design, UX strategy
From business to buttons May 24 Stockholm, Sweden UX design 
UX360 Research Summit 2024 May 16-17 Berlin, Germany, virtual event UX research and design trends
UXPA International June 24-27  Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA UX research and UX design
User Research London 2024 Late June—exact date to be announced London, England, U.K UX research, best practices
HCI International June 29-July 4 Washington DC, USA UX design, human-computer interaction
UX Nordic  August 28-30 Aarhus, Denmark UX research, UX design, and UX writing
uxcon vienna  September 19-20 Vienna, Austria UX research, UX design, and UX writing
UXDX EMEA October 9-11 Dublin, Ireland  UX research, UX design, UX discovery
Maze Disco Conf October 17 Intentionally virtual and global—tune in remote from anywhere! UX design, research, product discovery 

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The 20 top UX research conferences and events in 2024

We’ve found enough UX research conferences to fill your calendar for the whole year, but if you only have time for a few—let’s break down exactly what you can expect from these UX research conferences.

1. The Virtual UX Conference by NNG

The Virtual UX conference by the Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) strives to share expert UX knowledge with both junior professionals and industry leaders around the world. This virtual conference features two-way video conferencing and digital exercises to sharpen your UX skill set in UX design, product development, or research. Attending NNG’s conference also gives you access to an exclusive Slack community of like-minded user experience researchers, as well as an online UX certification.

Date: January 12-26
Location: Online
Price: One live course session is $1,144
Speakers include Maddie Brown, User Experience Specialist at Nielsen Norman Group

2. Axe-con 2024

Axe-con is an event for UX researchers, managers, and designers to discuss accessibility and inclusive design through a range of activities, including interactive workshops and presentations from global tech leaders.

Participants will have access to special insights and case studies from companies leading the movement towards accessible design and products. With 25k user experience professionals registered last year, Axe-con has quickly become one of the largest accessibility conferences in the U.S.

Date: February 20-22
Location: Online
Price: Free
Speakers include:

  • Dr. Rumman Chowdhury, Founder and Co-founder of the nonprofit Human Intelligence
  • Jonah Berger, International Bestselling Author
  • Squirmy and Grubs, Disabled Rights Advocates

3. ConveyUX 2024

ConveyUX attendees have the choice of either attending in-person or virtually. The conference's main focus is educating professionals on AI and other emerging technologies. Industry experts share their first-hand experience with UX research strategies while also offering participants plenty of time to connect and grow their network.

Date: February 27-29
Location: Seattle, Washington and online
Price: $1,195
Speakers include:

  • Aleš Holeček, Corp. Vice President, Microsoft
  • Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, CEO, Competitive Consulting Advantage
  • Luke Wroblewski, Managing Director, Sutter Hill Ventures

4. IUI ACM 2024

ACM’s conference on intelligent user interfaces (IUI) covers two vital topics for UX researchers: artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. 2024’s theme is resilience. Keynote speakers will be discussing crucial topics like cyber-resilience and even the COVID-19 recovery. While IUI doesn’t address UX research directly, it’s a valuable way for UX research professionals to gain contextual insights into creating intelligent interfaces with the latest technology solutions.

Date: March 18-21
Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Price: Not announced, but previous pricing ranged from $450 for early-bird tickets to $1,050
Speakers: Not yet announced

5. UX Copenhagen 2024

UX Copenhagen is a conference focusing on the complete spectrum of human experience. It covers UX research, design, and content—all while addressing crucial issues like sustainable UX practices and climate change. With over 20 speakers, workshops, and interactive sessions, this hybrid event allows UX researchers to gain fresh insight into UX trends while connecting with like-minded professionals.

Date: March 20-21
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Price: €1,000
Speakers include:

  • Anna Ratkai, UX Researcher of Recorded Future
  • Ruby Pyror, Strategic Designer and Manager, Founder of rex.inc

6. Advancing Research 2024

Advancing Research, which began as a virtual conference, is now a NY-based event from Rosenfeld Media, where UX professionals can gather in real life and learn about scalable UX research solutions. It features a main conference along with multiple interactive workshops, primarily focused on re-assessing the state of UX and how it can move forward.

Date: March 25-26
Location: New York City
Price: $1,795
Speakers: Not announced yet

7. UX Healthcare Europe 2024

UX Healthcare Europe is a multi-series conference taking place in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague. This conference is all about improving user experiences for one of our most-vital technologies: healthcare systems. Joined by professionals from both the UX and healthcare industries, UX researchers can use UX Healthcare Europe as a platform to share ideas, discuss trends, and develop a way forward for data accessibility. The ultimate goal? Establish and facilitate a new holistic approach towards patient experience.

Date: April 11-12, June 18-19, September 19-20, and September 25-27
Location: London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague
Price: €810 or £850 depending on location
Speakers include:

  • Daniel Trattler, Creative Director at Eobiont
  • Vitaly Friedman, Creative Lead at Smashing Magazine

8. IAC: Information Architecture Conference

The IAC is the world’s leading conference for information architecture. It’s been running for 25 years and is regularly attended by hundreds of professionals in the fields of information architecture, user experience design, and content strategy. IAC is about promoting conversations and transferring industry knowledge through presentations, panel conversations, and workshops.

Date: April 9-13
Location: Seattle, Washington
Price: $550
Speakers include:

  • Rebecca Harper, Information Architecture Community Leader
  • Linda Ramirez, UX Designer and Researcher

9. UXinsight Festival 2024

UXinsight Festival brings the largest UX research community in one place for interactive conferences, live Q&A sessions, and eye-opening seminars. In this year’s conference, keynote speakers will tackle the changing trends of UX research landscapes while addressing best practices for optimization. While UXinsight is focused mostly on UX research, it’s ultimately a value-packed festival for any professional engaged with user experience—that’s UX managers and designers, too!

Date: April 15-17
Location: Breda, The Netherlands
Price: Not announced yet
Speakers include Kerin den Bouwmeester, Founder of UXinsight

10. Chi 2024

Organized by the Association of Computing Machinery, CHI 2024 is one of the largest international conferences covering human-computer interaction (HCI). With both virtual and in-person event options, attendees will learn about the latest HCI trends through keynote speakers, panels, and workshops. The conference is a platform for researchers, industry practitioners, and leaders eager to share their knowledge and explore the changing landscape of HCI.

Date: May 11-16
Location: Honolulu, Hawai’i and online
Price: Not announced yet
Speakers: Not announced yet

11. UXLx: User Experience Lisbon

UXLx User Experience Lisbon starts with three days of interactive workshops, leading up to a main, eye-opening conference committed to delivering industry insights. Participants will learn about UX research trends, content, design, and strategy. With multiple topics, professionals are free to customize their schedules and attend the activity best suited to their interests. This makes UXLx an excellent conference for UX researchers, designers, and managers alike.

Date: May 21-24
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Price: €1245
Speakers include:

  • Meghan Casey, Owner at Do Better Content Consulting
  • Greg Nudelman, Distinguished Designer at Sumo Logic

12. From Business to Buttons

From Business to Buttons is a conference for professionals passionate about improving user experiences. In 2024, this Stockholm-based conference will cover how design can mitigate risk, ignite change, and improve accessibility in a complex world. It features workshops, Q&A sessions, and panels by leading industry professionals before finishing off with the main conference for both UX researchers and designers.

Date: May 24
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Price: €754
Speakers include Christina Joy Whittaker, Leadership Strategist and TEDx Speaker

13. UX360 Research Summit 2024

UX360 is one of Europe’s most famous virtual UX events. Organized by the Merlien Institute, it’s a perfect event for UX researchers to join and discuss UX research best practices and the latest industry trends. Some of the keynote speakers work in world-famous brands like Microsoft, American Airlines, and Linkedin. The event features interactive panel discussions on UX research insight implementation and also plenty of networking opportunities.

Date: May 16-17
Location: Online
Price: €695
Speakers include:

  • Javier Bargas-Avila, Director, Google Play UX Research
  • Nyssa Packard, Senior Director, Insights (Head of User Research & Data Science) Skyscanner

14. UXPA International

UXPA International attracts UX professionals from around the world for three days of workshops, panels, and discussions. Their keynote speakers will be discussing important industry insights ranging from design to research. It features plenty of opportunities to network and build relationships with other designers, researchers, and product managers.

Date: June 24-27
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Price: Not announced yet
Speakers: Not announced yet

15. User Research London 2024

After a break in 2023, User Research London is back in 2024 as a live conference dedicated to user research. In past years, User Research London covered the importance of both creativity and strategy in UX research, as well as how to thrive as a UX research manager, with an amazing lineup of keynote panelists. While not much info has been shared yet, we’re excited to see what’s coming for this event in 2024.

Date: Late June—exact date yet to be announced
Location: London
Price: Not announced yet
Speakers: Not announced yet

16. HCI International

HCI (human-computer interaction) International features multiple topics spanning from AI in research to data analytics, with the choice of joining the in-person conference or opting for online attendance. This is an interdisciplinary conference, with the organizers looking to bridge the gap between linguistics, psychology, and other fields like data analysis. UX researchers will be able to gain valuable insights from other fields, enriching their skill sets, UX reporting, and widening their networks.

Date: June 29-July 4
Location: Washington DC and online
Price: $895
Speakers include Vicki Hanson, CEO of the Association for Computing Machinery

17. UX Nordic

UX Nordic connects researchers, designers, and writers from the Nordic region and beyond. It lasts three days and offers innovative workshops, panel discussions, and a main conference to nurture your UX skills regardless of industry experience. UX Nordic also promises an altogether immersive experience with award shows, activity extras, and great food and drink.

Date: August 28-30
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Price: €425
Speakers include:

  • Irene Au, Design Partner at Khosla Ventures
  • Andy Budd, Design Leadership Coach

18. uxcon vienna

With 30+ international speakers and industry leaders, uxcon vienna is one of Europe’s largest UX conferences. Besides networking opportunities for junior professionals and exposure to the newest UX research methods and technology in the industry, uxcon vienna also connects Europe’s leading UX teams with UX practitioners in the United States. In 2024, uxcon vienna will be focusing on topics like AI in UX design, UX psychology, research ops, and trends to expect from the UX industry.

Date: September 19-20
Location: Vienna, Austria
Price: €890
Speakers include:

  • Nikki Anderson, Founder of User Research Academy
  • Mick Champayne, Senior Visual Designer at Google
  • Steve Portigal, Independent Consultant and UX Author


UXDX EMEA is a conference seeking to break the barriers between product design, development, and user experience. It’s perfectly suited for UX researchers, managers, and other UX professionals seeking to improve collaboration, efficiency, and sustainability for their UX team. This conference includes over 20 talks and an after-party to network and celebrate the newly gained UX knowledge.

Date: October 9-11
Location: Dublin
Price: €999
Speakers: Not announced yet

20. Disco Conf by Maze

Drawing in over 14,000 UX professionals last year, Disco Conf is a discovery, design, and research conference. Keynote speakers from leading companies and industry pioneers will take to the virtual stage to break down changes in UX while giving you the insights you need to maximize product research effectiveness. It’s a completely free and online-by-design event, so you can tune in from wherever you are.

Last year, Disco Conf ‘23 offered a four-track agenda covering everything from AI, democratization and continuous learning, to decision-making, research methods, and accessibility. In 2024, we’re setting the stage yet again with a panel of incredible speakers eager to share their expertise with the global UX community. Register to be the first to hear when we unveil Disco Conf 2024's speaker line-up.

Date: October 17
Location: Global and online-by-design—tune in from anywhere!
Price: Free
Speakers: To be announced; past guests included speakers from Google, Notion, Miro, Microsoft, Figma, and more

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More UX research conferences: 10 bonus UX events to consider in 2024

Still haven’t found the perfect UX research conferences for your 2024? Here are 10 more UX events worth checking out this year:

Connect with UX professionals at UX research conferences in 2024

With so much going on in UX, 2024 offers a variety of UX conferences you definitely won’t want to miss. Many of the conferences on this list, including Disco Conf by Maze, are online-by-design or offer virtual experiences, so there’s no reason to miss out on those must-watch interactive sessions, panels, and presentations to help craft the perfect user experience.

If you’re going to an in-person conference, make sure to grab early-bird tickets for the best deals. You’ll also need to arrange transport and accommodation if required, so getting ahead of the game will help save you money and hassle. Then, all that’s left is to plan your agenda and count down the days to your next conference. We’ll see you there!

Frequently asked questions about UX research conferences

What is a UX research conference?

A UX research conference is an event where professional UX researchers, designers, and managers gather together to share expertise, latest developments, and insights on the UX field. A UX research conference will typically last more than one day, with various activities such as discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities.

Where are there UX conferences in Europe?

Some UX conferences in Europe include UX Nordic in Aarhus, Denmark, UXLx: User Experience Lisbon in Portugal, and UX360 Research Summit 2024 in Berlin, Germany. Keep in mind that there are also virtual conferences like Maze Disco-Conf that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Are there any free UX research conferences?

Yes! While most UX research conferences charge a price for attendance, there are plenty of free and accessible options, too. Check out Disco Conf by Maze, AXE-CON 2024, and Quant UX Con. However, make sure you register on time, as the number of attendees may be limited.