Improve your onboarding flow experience

Improve your product onboarding experience and take your users from comfortable bystanders to active participants in your product with this template. Learn, improve, and streamline your onboarding flow from start to finish, with key insights you can share across your entire organization.

What you’ll learn:

Gather valuable insights about your onboarding flow and make sure your users’ first interactions with your product will lead to future ones.

Do your users understand how to get started with your product?

Is your onboarding flow supporting users across their entire product journey? Learn where participants get lost to avoid product abandonment further down the line.

Would your users recommend their onboarding experience to a friend or colleague? Would they share their experience online?

How can I improve the onboarding experience for my users?

  1. Use this template to run a test. We may be biased, but the best way to discover what improvements need to be made to your onboarding flow is by simply testing it out with your users. They’ll be able to help you with quantitative and qualitative feedback about what’s not working so you can make improvements.
  2. Keep it simple. This is the first true experience users have with your product, so if things appear overly complicated at the start, it’s indication things will be even harder later on. Break actions down into simple steps and set clear goals and expectations of what your users should be able to do at this early stage.
  3. Make it interactive and engaging. Have you ever had to read a wall of text and ended up forgetting what you were doing? The best way to encourage learning in your users is to keep things simple but interesting. Perhaps there’s some tooltips you can sprinkle into your onboarding. Maybe there’s a great GIF that showcases how to use your product. Effective in-app prompts, videos, GIFs, assets, and more can help users get to grips with your product faster (and have them smiling as they’re doing it).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I be testing my onboarding flow?

First impressions matter. It’s important to understand how users navigate your onboarding flow to ensure they don’t get frustrated early on—the last thing you want is for new users to abandon your product because of a simple issue in your onboarding flow.

On top of this, a positive onboarding experience is more likely to encourage your users to spread the good word about your product, leading to more potential sales and value for your business.

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Improve your onboarding flow experience