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Run a product discovery survey

Get to know your users and develop a picture of their needs with a product discovery survey. The map out goals with a clear vision of what your audience wants.

What you’ll learn

Is this problem worth solving? Unlock the answers to key questions to take the next steps in your product discovery process.

Build empathy with your audience to identify core issues—then build on better, faster solutions to their problems.

Collect competitive intelligence insights to strengthen your product discovery research and shape decision-making.

Differentiate necessities from ‘nice-to-haves’ to create a product beautifully moulded to the needs of your customer.

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What is Maze?

Maze empowers everyone to source and access invaluable user insights—putting data in the hands of the many.

Welcome screen

Please explain the problem you face when [scenario or problem space for product]?

Open Question

What are the implications if you fail to solve the problem?

Open Question

What have you tried so far? 

Open Question

What’s missing from what you’ve tried already?

Open Question

How much are you currently spending to solve the problem?

Open Question

In your experience of this challenge, what would be the key area you'd look to alleviate first?

Open Question

Is there anything else you'd consider important to know?

Open Question

Thank you screen