Feb 12, 2019 • 3 minutes read

🎉 Introducing the Maze Report

We're thrilled to introduce the Maze Report—a faster way to learn how your design performs and share the learnings with your team.

We’re very excited to announce the Maze Report—a new way to visualize your test results in Maze. Now you can understand how your design performs faster and share the learnings with everyone on your team.

We're passionate about changing how user testing is done by making it quick, easy, and effective. From the start, Maze was built to reduce the amount of time required to test your product—from days to minutes. We do this by integrating into your existent design and prototyping workflow and helping you get actionable insights fast and simple with a URL.

But we quickly noticed the struggle of finding and sourcing test participants some of you experienced. So with our Testers Hiring solution, we aim to give you the testers you need, right when you need them.

Now you could go from prototype to actionable insights in no time.

However, as a designer, you don't work in a vacuum. You still had to create a report based on the collected data to share your learnings with your colleagues or clients. So we sat down with some of you to understand your needs and automate this part of the process.

The Maze Report gives you the ability to automate the analysis process and instantly share the learnings with your stakeholders. By generating a report for every maze tested, collaborating on design is now faster than ever.

Here’s a preview of what you get with a maze report:

  • A blueprint for your design: One document for everyone to view, analyze, and plan design sprints
  • Share with stakeholders: A gorgeous report you can share with anyone for review and assessment
  • Faster iteration: When you see what’s working and what isn’t, you know what needs to be improved
  • Learnings based on data: Comprehensible learnings that help you move closer to a finished design

More exciting things to come

As we work on improving the report—currently available in public beta—we’d love to know what you think. You can complete this Typeform with your feedback.

To access a report for one of your live mazes, click on Go to report in the top right corner of the Maze dashboard. A report will be available when you test with one user or more. Learn more about this in our documentation.

What’s next:

  • Drag and Drop Customization: Customize your maze report with template and custom blocks
  • Testers Information: Key information about the people who completed your test
  • Your idea? Share your request with us.

There's more great stuff included in the report, so check out this page for details, or open Maze and view one of your reports. We're excited to hear your feedback.

Go from prototype to report right now!