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Maze, user research, and continuous product discovery

What is Maze?

Maze is a user research platform that allows product teams to collect and analyze customer insights.

Participant recruitment

Participant recruitment

Get fast access to a global research panel or target your own customers

Product research

Product research

Carry out effective studies with customers with a breadth of methods and AI-powered functionalities



Uncover quantitative and qualitative insights from your customers in visual-rich, automated reports

About Maze and User Research

What is Maze?

Maze is a user research platform that allows product teams to collect and analyze customer insights.

What is Maze used for?

Maze is used by product teams to learn from their customers and use the insights and feedback to improve user experiences and build the right products, faster.

As part of a product research strategy, practical use cases include collecting quantitative and qualitative insights to monitor customer satisfaction, perform usability testing, validate ideas and concepts, and more.

Who is Maze for?

Maze is a valuable platform for those who care about customer experience, particularly product teams - including designers, product managers, researchers, and product leaders.

We’re used extensively by over 60,000 teams, including some of the world’s top companies.

How quickly do results arrive?

Turnaround times for typical research studies with Maze can be shortened from days to just a few hours. Keep in mind response times vary depending on type of study, recruitment method, demographic requirements of participants, and time of day you put the test live.

What are some benefits of using Maze?

With solutions for product research, participant recruitment, and reporting, Maze enables everyone to run great research, make better product decisions, and scale insights company-wide.

Can I get started with Maze for free?

Yes, we offer a Free Plan for individuals looking to kickstart usability testing, at no cost. Check all our plans.

About Maze functionalities

What is a maze?

In our platform, a maze is a succession of tasks and/or questions for testers to complete. It is the fundamental unit for testing in Maze. Each maze has its own results and reporting, and test results are collected on a per-maze basis.

How do you create a maze?

Creating a maze is made very simple with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder that comes with a variety of research blocks. For each task, question, and extra screen you want to add to your maze, you use a block.

What can you test with Maze?

Maze allows you so test anything - concepts and ideas, customer satisfaction, product sentiment, prototypes and wireframes, content, information architecture or full live websites and apps.

Explore our library of Templates to see some practical examples of how Maze collects continuous insights.

What type of research can I conduct with Maze?

Maze offers a breadth of features to use in your research studies, including:

Can Maze do A/B testing?

Maze can do A/B testing for split testing prototypes. With this testing tool, you can compare the results of two or more variations by creating multiple mazes and sharing them with participants. Maze also creates automated reports with high-level metrics so you can easily spot the winning version or delve into detailed analysis.

Do I get both quantitative and qualitative results?

Yes. Apart from best-in-market reporting functionalities for quantitative analysis, Maze allows you to capture and analyze audio, video, and text answers from research studies with AI.

Does Maze use AI?

Maze has a breadth of AI-powered functionalities designed to elevate your product research and enabling you to collect more insights, faster, and with more precision than ever before.

Who are the test participants in Maze Panel?

Participants in Maze Panel are real people (not AI-generated) from more than 130 countries. You can target with precision the type of participants you want in your studies with over 400 demographic filters (role, language, income, qualifications, gender, and more).

Can I test with my own customers instead of using Maze's Panel?

Yes. Send product research campaigns to your very own tailored participant database, recruit participants contextually from your website, or directly send a link to a Maze to your participants.

Remove guesswork at scale

Maze unblocks research for your team and delivers real customer insights to drive better product decisions