Validate product launch copy

Does your product launch copy inspire, or leave little to be desired? Discover how users respond to your words with a quick survey, and make adjustments accordingly.

What you’ll learn

Is your product launch copy overwhelming, underwhelming, or even just forgettable?

Test the length of your copy to cut down on jargon, or add more context to your product launch.

Does your copy align with what user expectations? Make sure your words match up with what’s promised by gathering actionable insights.

Learn how likely your audience is to purchase then use those learnings to shape up before shipping out.

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A-mazeing to meet you!

Welcome Screen

On the right you'll see some details of an upcoming product launch.

Context Screen

Thinking about what the product offers, which of the following best describes your feelings about it?

Opinion Scale

How unique is the message?

Opinion Scale

Thinking about the amount of information provided in the image shown, does it contain too much info, too little, or the right amount?

Multiple Choice

If the product were available today how likely would be to buy the product based on the description provided?

Opinion Scale

Thank You!

Thank You Screen